Nightly Thoughts

— Nightly Thoughts —




I got some bad news this morning, my Mom has blood cancer (lymphoma) we don’t know what kind it is, so I’ve been on the kick that marijuana cures cancer again.

CBD is the cannabinoid that isn’t psychoactive, THC is the cannabinoid that is psychoactive and causes that stoned feeling. I think the stoned feeling is a relaxing feeling, but I remember when I first got high, I was 14 or 15, I might’ve been 13, cause I first got high upstate.

I was going through the paranoid anxiety attacks, but after that day I was looking to get high more and more. The initial one was like the reefer madness movies, but in the reality phase, not the villainess phase that was displayed in the movie.

It lasted about an hour, but after that I was hooked.

That’s my experience from the initial high, but then it was just a relaxer, you could get too relaxed, and you were considered stoned out of your gourd. I was that many times.

I heard of Rick Simpson Cannabis Oil that cured cancer, to get 5 hypodermic needle filled with cannabis oil, from 1-2 pounds of pot, and cook it in a crock-pot with solvents. I saw the amount of pot to make 5 small hypodermic needles filled with concentrated medicinal oil, so I gave up.
I knew if I could grow it, and produce the plants I need, than I’d be free.

Do you know that the Govt has patents on the cannabinoids that were from the marijuana plants, since the 90’s. They actually knew about it since 1974 when they did a study in Virginia.

I’m sick of the con on the human population, we need freedom to grow what we want and cure the things that make us sick, and live a richer life. We got social security about the same time they made pot illegal, it seems they took the cure away and made us lazy, and feel like we’re entitled.

I could go into a rant, but I need to go to bed.

Good Night!