I feel Philosophical

— Philosophical  Outlooks —

I think therefore I am

Rene Descartes

Consciousness is philosophical thought by human minds, and only human minds, as told by humans.

Dogs say differently.

We feel pain and sensations, we call it stimuli to effect our consciousness with pleasantness or depressive thoughts. When we smell something pleasant we are pleased and relaxed, when we smell something odorous we are uneasy, until we know what it is.

We are conscious of our problems and set out to resolve them with analyzing solutions to them, and we are relentless till we find a solution that works.


 The conscious mind is capable of solving anything, or thinking about doing nothing but thinking.

That inaction is considered lazy, usually by judgmental people, but they’re just thinking about what others are thinking.

So it’s like the kettle calling the pot black, or the other way around, it’s a hypocritical thought, either way.

I’m stuck in a quandary of making a point that will be infallible, I’m stuck thinking of thinking. I’m lost in my consciousness, where one is thinking to his death and beyond, thinking where is the point of this life.

I’m not depressed, no matter how I think that I will rise out of it, cause I will return to this thinking, it’s inevitable.

The Matrix of Consciousness is always around the individual we are left in the matrix of thought and thinking, where one thought is layered upon another thought, which causes you to think another thought, and it goes on and on.

 This is the theory going around the world’s social scene, that each thought is based on the questions, thoughts, and feelings that we feel.

We need someone by some standards, or we don’t need anyone by other standards, but we are all one by other standards.

God is mysterious by divine standards, even if you don’t believe in God, cause God doesn’t believe in you either.

I could come up with all type of rhetoric to impress you, but it’s all but rhetoric, words that sound good and no action. The words are talk, but if you don’t walk the talk, then it’s nothing but empty words like the breeze, nothing forceful like a strong wind.

It’s comforting instead of persuasive, it’s allowing you to think on your own. It’s planting seeds of thought on the breezes of time.

Think good thoughts always.