Words and Interpretations

— Words and Interpretations —

people-talking-450341_640Words spoken in anger are often regretted, in the heat of anger you set out to satisfy your hunger for justice. The reasons for that anger, are to be questioned by you, and you need to speak those words, no matter whether you reflect in silence or not, before you speak those words.

If not before then after, and when it’s usually after, then you regret the wording you said in your anger.

I have an anger management problem, it seems the whole population of the earth has that problem too.

Pride feeds the anger, then anger is blind and throwing punches in the air yelling at the air claiming superiority in his views, but he/she is blind. What does he/she see?

There are many words of the constitution that means one thing to one and another thing to someone else. Let’s take the second amendment.

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.


To many this is the right to bear arms for the sake of pleasure, I take it as right to stop the tyranny from spreading, to be a free state, as imperfect as it is.

Those who are in the business of guns, the NRA, see it as their mainstay of life, and you are dead, if you don’t have a gun. That is an extreme view by my standards, and many in the NRA, but I’m a strong proponent of the 2nd amendment.

I think the government needs to be put in check, with the rise of the military industrial complex over my lifetime. The weapons influenced by science fiction and the more devious minds that imagine what we don’t know, or don’t have the mind to react when we see them, I fear for my offspring, not biologically, but associates in mind and thinking.

There are so many words that seem to be mistaken by the extremist minded:  religiously, politically, and even vainly, basic venting, that could be taken the wrong way, and not taken with the spirit it was meant.

There are so many that see themselves as righteous, myself included, they see themselves as right and the other person is wrong. Did it ever occur to you that you may both, be right.

However imperfect as it is, you see the situation your way and the other person sees it their way, and it occurs to the other person that their way is right, so it must be, that your way is wrong.

You both can’t be right… but maybe that’s the case.

You both are right as you see it, and dialogue is the key to understanding the other’s views. You need to understand the other’s views for you to fully understand your own view.

You are not God and don’t see the whole situation, you only see your perspective, and how you react to that perspective is your right, that’s what a free society does. It gives you the right, as long as you don’t deny the right to others, you are free to do whatever you want to do.

That’s a true utopian freedom, but we’re not there yet, we have laws as unjust as they are that we carry on our shoulders like slaves carry chains, they guide us where to go… so it’s a farcical freedom that we live. Except it’s not very farcical, we have to go through a lot of suffering to believe we are free.

This night has proven to me, I fail and am imperfect as everyone who seeks peace and truth…we are not free, only telling ourselves lies and the truth, but the truth is imperfect, as we are.

You speak words to express complicated thoughts, and are confused if you can’t articulate your thoughts, and maybe making things worse than they were before, and you think you never should’ve said anything, at least they wouldn’t have someone to blame.

We are what we experience, that makes us who we are. You don’t expect someone to understand it like you do, cause they went through different things in their lives and seen different things, they have totally different understandings than you do. Unless you share your understandings with them, they will in no way see through your eyes and understand like you do.

The words can have two meanings and sometimes multiple meanings, but if aren’t willing to articulate the meanings don’t be surprised that they are taken out of context, to mean something that you didn’t mean.

It’s the nature of mankind, it means what I understand it to mean… understanding is a mental high; it could be a drug that distorts the message and traps you in confusion, or it could be enlightening and give you freedom from the web of confusion.

Whatever it is to you, I want to wish you a very prosperous year ahead.

2015 is in the next few days… I think this song is deserved for some… happy new year to you!