School or Prison

— School or Prison —


 School is like a prison, but I differ seeing it as an indoctrination, rather than an educational force. Education is what I learned, not the way they see it, but the way I saw it, at least my experience.

I had skills when I left high school, but I dropped out of college, cause I didn’t want anymore incompetence training, so I made the mistake of joining the USAF, the serious brainwashing education I could get.

Major indoctrination by joining the military, though I learned to stand up to the drill instructors, and got in major trouble for my lack of discipline. They frown on your individuality, cause they’re there to subdue it.

Anyway, I want to get back to the education being like a prison, I see it that way, cause I grew up in Brooklyn and went to Catholic school, where the Nuns were the uniformed guards, and the late teachers were their helpers. I didn’t see it that way when I went to school, then I would’ve gotten thrown out.

There were nice Sisters that I bonded with, and there were other Sisters that I vehemently hated with a passion, also a few late teachers, but I never compared it to a prison, when I was there.

Then I moved upstate to small town in the Catskill mountains for high school, it was a culture shock to move from the city to the country, it was very different. I went from a city culture where no one trusted anyone, and moved to a country attitude where what you said would be believed, without question. That was a culture shock.

The high school was a regular school with small classes, I went from a class of about 50, to a class of about 20. I didn’t see it as a prison then either, it was fun. It was a small class, their was a time about in tenth grade when I was taking geometry that it seemed like a prison, then my math teacher challenged me and another student, that if we knew it all, then we didn’t have to come to class. She was giving us a free pass to cut class, wow, I said, and didn’t show up for class about a week.

Until she called my mother up to school, and got me into trouble, though she did take the blame for challenging us to cut, that it was her fault that we were not coming to class. I got one wrong question on the Regents for Geometry, it blew her away.

After about 40 years later I saw this video on youtube, that brought into focus the parallels between the school and the prisons subtly.

There is another video that is talking about the parallels of school and prison, this one is subtly suggesting it.

It’s a thought that never entered my mind, only sub-consciously, cause I never liked school, but i had no reason except the school bullying by upper class men, in the locker rooms for gym, where my head was put in the toilet.

Much like the prisoners butt fucking their prison mates, I didn’t enjoy it, and from that day forward I took a job to do away with bullying, where I challenged the bullies with the truth.

Here is the truth of the videos one is the reason I started this rant, and the other is talking about the public school system. They both can be taken out of context and be a propaganda tool, in fact all the videos have a hidden agenda that feeds the makers agenda, but it contains the truth, hopefully you’ll just see the truth, and discard the rest.

I don’t want to program you, and join the rest of society in looking to gain from your suffering. I want to share the true understanding, cause I see no other way to better this world.


This Video Was Censored
by the one who posted it