Sacred Geometry

Shapes Replaced Numbers…
And I Could Understand It

Geometry was my strongest math, I got one wrong, 98% on the Regents Exams in High School.

Shapes replaced numbers, so it was easier to understand for me, since number mastery was taken away by the stroke, I had in 2004, but the shapes of geometry was now my mastered math, I have to memorize the math formulas again, and I need to use a calculator to solve the problem… the stroke destroyed my number mastery.

Here is the video of old Egyptian hieroglyphics, and the explanations of the meanings of them… animals were only the consciousness of them, there were no people with animal heads… or masks, maybe they wore masks… I wasn’t there, so IDK.


“Magic is a term, that we give for a form of technology, that we can not understand.”
Arthur C. Clarke

So true, an observation so magical in the translation of magic.

I used to press on the eyes, to see the geometrical kaleidoscope that pressing on the eyeballs with my eyes closed… it passed the time in the classroom, when I got bored.

I wondered if it was good for my eyes… but I was young and stupid back then.

I was a math wiz in High School, I got 92% for Algebra, I got 96% for Trigonometry, and 98% for Geometry for the scores of the Final Regents Exams… but lost that ability after the stroke in 2004.
I’m such a narcissist sorry.

Magic is studying shapes, instead of mastering numbers… it’s connected with musical sounds too… shapes are, so I’m into it.

It’s a technology, that you have yet to understand… but I want to understand it… before I die… and take the next class in the next life.

There is always more to learn and understand… you might not like, but you always take in the breath, and try to learn and understand it.