Inflation or Greed?


Inflation: Rising Prices
Greed: Rising Prices
Sanity: Whoa to Rising Prices


What about Left Wing Propaganda?  Which is what this video is.

The Stress that comes with Rising Prices, makes our pockets empty, and raise the economic despair factor. Which raises your stress factor, and makes you feel hopeless, when you shop online, or you shop in every physical  store location.

The greed of corporations is the culprit, and raising their costs to consumers, rather than take a profit cuts… cause they’re floating on the sea of bankruptcy too… there must be a simple compromise, but that doesn’t feed their greedy profit margins.

My Dad was a Hardware store owner and seller, after he retired from NYPD. So I understood the need for greed, since he was born in the Depression Era (1929), so the profit margins is what he focused on, and the fears that arise on being broke or bankruptcy was all that he feared… as best he could, he was 2 years old when the depression started, and went on for 10 years… so he witnessed first hand the dangers of greed and rising prices.

There should be a compromise, that shares the losses, instead of horde the profit margins… we both can live harmoniously with each other… compassion is the key to compromise, that both parties will like, and agree to.

It’s going global, economically depressed, and the push for a common digital currency is front and center, only the tech center is in control of the fiat valued money. Debts will rise, as the price markets have risen, and a Global Depression is coming, sooner than later, and it will be chaos for the common man, and despair for everyone alive.

You’ll have to pay an enormous amount of money, to eat and feed your families, to pay rent and the rising costs of rent, and rising fuel prices. You have to deliver food to the grocery stores, and the fuel costs of diesel which every truck uses for delivery, has gone up more than gas prices… diesel was lower than gas prices, when I moved to Montana, and now it’s a dollar more on average… sometimes up to $2.

Diesel was always cheaper, because it’s a by product of gas fuels, through the distillation towers, like distilling water takes all the beneficial minerals out of the water, and leaves you with pure H2O, minus the minerals.

So processing fuels such as gasoline, makes Diesel too.
So why was diesel always cheaper than gas prices, raise their prices to be more expensive than gas prices?
I’m sickened by the greed factors that raise the profit margins, and make the poor looking for a break from the the pressure of the profit margins, making them even more poorer, than they were before.

There is a harmonious compromise between the rich and the poor, it’s empathy and compassion… the fruits of the love tree… so feed that tree, because it’s almost dead for lack of living water, and the tree killer the Profit Margins fertilizer.

Support the Truckers, and educate them how their diesel is made… and what once was $1-2 cheaper, now is $1-2 more expensive, which raises the grocery prices in the offloads… shifting sands is the first sign of a coming disaster.

Support for the truckers, except for this monster.

I worked in a gas station in 1975, and gas was 59 cents a gallon, but diesel was cheaper 53 cents a gallon, and even cheaper when gas was soaring to $4 per gallon, diesel took the lead at $5-6 per gallon… which raised the delivery prices at the stores, which in turn raised the prices of the items… I see it as cartoon snowball rolling the down the Greed hill, and creating a snow bolder by the end, and runs into a tree or some other cartoon obstruction, thus creating a disaster and destruction.

I think we need to address these issues, not by the media, cause they always make it worse, through fear and hype… every disaster’s lifeline… we should deal with it in our hearts, and solve through compassion and truths… the media deals with lies and incomplete truths… for manipulation agendas, at least I’ve been made aware of that in my lifetime.