The Real Star Wars… UFO footage

— The Real Star Wars… UFO footage by NASA —



This is one I thought was conspiratorial of a real star wars, but it’s presented as real footage by NASA.

I know they can be faked with overlays, but it’s presented as true footage. I believed this, before I saw this, so I may be conned into believing this is real footage.

I was amazed of the cameras that view the invisible spectrum of UV rays, and not visible to the human eye. You look at empty space, which would explain the vanishing UFO that I experienced. It was like a cloaking device that uses UV rays to hide themselves.

The science behind that is immeasurable to reason and understanding, at least in my mind for now.

I knew that NASA knew there were aliens, but silently denies them.


The cloaking device that uses the UV’s invisible spectrum of light, is not something I knew, and could be used at night too.

I saw a UFO at night, and it disappeared into nothingness. Not while I was looking at it, but over a few seconds of the car speeding up the hill to where we got a 360 degree view of the sky, but there was no UFO in the sky. There was a UFO in the sky before we went up the hill.

The speed of the UFO was slow, and it took 5-10 seconds to make it up the hill… and it vanished, like it was never in the sky.


Refueling the disk that was filling the tank with water as a fuel. I long suspected it as a fuel, and the hydrogen technologies that they use to fuel the cars.

I saw the UFO sitting over the reservoir like it was a house on the mountainside, and after about 15 minutes, it started to move back and forth quickly, not like any plane or helicopter, and was silent as a mouse. There were no engine sounds. This was in the mid 70’s before the marvels of technology that has grown exponentially, since then.

UV rays as a cloaking device, it makes sense to me now.

Cameras that see the invisible spectrum in the UV range without a problem.


I made an reenactment video of it by memory using a 3d mapping program, and made a lake to represent the reservoir. What you are about to see is what I remember of this experience with the real star wars.