Fate ??? Faith ???

— Fate??? Faith??? : Whatever it is, it’s beyond my understanding —


I came upon this quote of fate at the beginning of the movie The 11th Hour with Kim Bassinger.

“Fate is the sum of determination and desperation” — Unknown

The word fate is a predetermined existence that’s determined by a higher power, it sounds so much like faith which would determine your own future. This thought, just leaves me with questions galore.

Hopefully I’ll feel better after writing this, and learn something too, that will make my life better.


Our Last Night – Fate


Fate is predetermined, and faith is a self determined ending. I don’t know the right and wrong about it, cause they sound so much alike, it sounds confusing to me.  Fate would be better called the “ending”, and faith would be better called the “journey”.

I’m just ranting, and maybe by my ranting, I will learn the truth.

I guess finding the truth will be by living my life, and taking what I could get out of it. We all find the truth about life that way. Those gems we capture and collect in our bags of experiences that is filled with shiny rocks called lies and truths.

I feel the truth, is camouflaged by the shiny lies masquerading as the truth.  We see a bag full of gems and think we have the truth, but it’s only a bag full of fool’s gold. It might be the heavy truth about a bag full of shiny lies.

This new Yoast SEO is giving me a failure in the grammatical sense… it says I’m too passive. I guess they got a bag full of lies.


Fate vs Faith

Anyway, to get back to fate vs faith, which is right.

I think you have to have faith to find your fate. I see that fate is determined by death, thus the “ending” reference that I gave it. Well, that’s all of us, cause we all die, and that’s beyond our control.

Though science is looking for immortality as we speak, or type. Immortality is a promising thought, but what do we do to sustain it, or will it just be a slower decay. Where we live for centuries and millenniums,  instead of just decades. We try to live longer, and find that we live only a little longer.

We become enslaved to pharmaceutical companies promising a better life with the new pill that they are experimenting on us. We should charge them for us being their lab rats.


I don’t expect to live very long, but I thought I’d be dead in my 20’s or 30’s. That fact was determined to be a lie.

Saved by faith or healed by faith, so I think faith is the reason to go forward to death/fate.  Jesus referenced the faith has healed you a couple of time in Mark 5:34 and Mark 10:52. In fact the Ror Shak song Fate or Faith is espousing the Hindu faith of reincarnation, with a sided bonus of the Christian erasure.



I don’t know what’s after death/fate, but you need faith to know, or you’ll just give up.

Hopefully, you got something from this, or you feel anger at what I preached… I’m not preaching anything. So your anger is your anger, and not mine.

I just brought up the subject for you to think about, and you can give it back to me as a vomit, or fruits that grew from it.

It’s up to you.