Algorithms are My New Enemy or Friend?

— Algorithms are My New Enemy or Friend? —


This video discusses workings of algorithms in our society.

First we must understand, what algorithms are?

Basically they’re formulas/equations, that carry a mass of diverse values with all the mathematical logical properties such as, adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, square root, etc., and the conclusions they come up with are accused of being complicit with crimes already committed.



I see the benefits, and I see the dangers too. I never thought of the Wall Street connection with algorithms though, but I see the scam in that too. Black Box Society a book by Frank Pasquale talks of the dangers.

The thought of thinking into a major depression is what I try to avoid, but I’m the classic fool. I think too much everybody says. I’m a masochist, cause I like to think, but I also like to have fun too. A spaghetti bowl of problems for me to sort through.

Ego and narcissism is an extreme that I like to avoid too, the ego is me at the core, so I don’t want kill the ego, but I would want it under my control. Then Narcissism comes in the picture and acts out to get attention, solely for that reason, the attention seeker attitude. Whether it’s drama or comedy, the goal is to get the fruits of attention.

Algorithms is the new accomplices, with AI being programmed in to the new features of the devices of the Internet of Things.


“Embracing the pain as the days drag on
It’s the only thing that will push me along
I can’t find a way out
My hope is clouded by doubt”

This song by Anna Graceman is touching for me, I don’t think I interpret the lyrics the way she interprets them, but the senselessness of hopelessness in the world today, and compounded with the villianization of algorithms, it leaves me totally hopeless, and doubting everything.

I know it’s just the wave of growing up, and it will pass over time, and I’ll be in a good mood again. The algorithms say so.


I could go on and on, but it always depresses me… and confuses me… it’s a wave I should surf, or just drown. I like to swim, so I should just swim. The earth is like a spinning toilet bowl in the middle of a flush, it depends on where and when you were born to it, but the whole of life is the flushing of the bowl.

I don’t mean to be so negative and morbid, but this is the wave I ride now… Reason8 is the reason for my mood, I just installed it, and it’s wiping me out with errors. It’s the current wave I ride.

The grace is gone, and I believed. I guess I should be thankful and appreciative, then things will change.

What algorithm should I use for that?