Privacy doesn’t exist anymore

— Privacy doesn’t exist anymore —


Privacy went on a backburner when the internet entered the stage. It put privacy into extinction, and it won’t be revived. It killed it.

Eric Schmidt CEO of Google, says people that want their privacy , “If you have something that you don’t want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place.” 

That view is a hypocritical view, especially when you boycotted CNET for publishing your private info. I’m not a terrorist, but Google paints me as one, or I could be one, but I hide it well.

Speculative assumptive algorithms, could be the steps to hell.

Polls are not the way to truth, they’re the gateways to hell.

Follow the yellow brick road!

From the FB statuses this prank was pulled:


Then there is this talk on TED by Glenn Greenwald, where I got the Eric Schmidt quote that I started this essay with.


The Death of Privacy, may it rest in peace

With the death of privacy nobody mourns. They proudly defend it’s right to live. Which is a conundrum in itself, since it never was alive.

Except in your own thoughts, but it was invaded by God, but you accepted it with the gift of life, given by God.

God gives good counsel, and we should be grateful for that counsel. God gives the energy for life, that beats our hearts. Though the demons inhabit God too, you need to discern from them or you will be led to hell.

Now the govt is replacing God, and the “thoughts” are being explored by science, where they want to take over God’s territory. I can see sharing God’s territory, but mankind has destroyed everything that they touch, and is a selfish beast. It doesn’t like sharing. There is a price for everything.

Give it politics, and mankind owns everything, where you have to pay the liar kings to breathe, eat, and pay your taxes. Liars rule without impunity.


Truth is Coming it will free from the Fear of Lies

The truth is coming, where all the lies will end, and their power will be no more. Where freedom is free.

So if you have anything to hide, know, it will not needed to be hidden.

All will be revealed, I hope you will be ready for the revealing, I did a lot of stupid things when I was a kid…and some when I was an adult too.

Political power is coming to an end, and the power is turned over to the military. Their views, are so narrow and focused, that all the outcome of it, is destruction… and nothing more.

It’s like sending in a demolition team to bring down a building. Well, there are many buildings on the face of this planet, called nations.

Do we look to restore the buildings, or do we look to destroy the buildings?


If you look for the profits, then I would say destroy. If you look to the prophets, then I would say destroy too, cause they say the end of the world is coming, to make way for the new world.

Destruction is in the future no matter where you turn. The architects of the future should be level headed, rather than the unbalanced future buildings, that have been built in the past.

Whatever the future holds, lets hope we all get through it unscathed.