Amazing Anatomy Lessons

— Amazing Anatomy Lessons —


Some of this may be rehashed info, but I developed some new views of the anatomy, it just became more revealing to me.

When learning about the body today, it brought to mind the cloning of humans, and all the atrocious stuff that could happen, but I see in the future them making organs at will in the future. I see that once mankind doesn’t change their imperfections, and continues to grasp at the golden ring on this merry go round of life, we will never attain that utopian feeling of perfection.

It maybe by our greed and corruption that we destroy the planet and ourselves… but I hope differently.

This video is of cloning complications:



The amazements of the human body is mind boggling to say the least, but we want to play God, and cause catastrophic deformities like a monstrous doctor, or mad scientist.

There’s more on the cloning aspect in the next video, and much more truthful, the mystery is more in focus, except where they mention a rogue scientist in another country, that has been going on for years in the dark. As we saw it in the news story of the first video.



The human body makes up 11 systems dealing with the organic nature of the human body, and they work together as a team to produce a happy healthy body.

Age is the deteriorating factor of the human body. I have something wrong with my digestive system, at the time that I’m writing this.

I found another cloning video of Biologist Panayiotis Michael Zavos and his quest of cloning. I’ll include it in the end where I’ll post all the videos that gathered for this essay.

I’m learning too.

Now for some cell education, I found I was dumb to stem cells, I always confused them with atoms, but atoms are quite smaller than human cells. Here is a couple of videos of stem cell properties



From that little knowledge they can grow organs from human cells, not stem cells, or maybe we’ll print with stem cells in the future.



The amazements that have come about in the last 30 years is astronomical in growth… and the talk of cyborgs armies is not that far off, with the warnings and letters from scientists and entrepreneurs that wrote an open letter of warnings of AI (artificial intelligence). 

I’m thinking of signing it, but I question why they posted an open letter, I guess for all the naysayers that call everything a conspiracy. I know it’s been going for more than 20 years, it’s more like 30 years when they tried recruiting me for the neural networking scam, or maybe it was not a scam.

It’s before the internet was born where we would connect to BBs over the phone lines to networks of other computers…oops I’m going off on a tangent here on computers, let’s get back to human organs.

They are growing human organs and the cells that they use, and printing them on 3D printers, which is science fiction turned into reality.

The next is a bunch of videos from TED and other videos on the various systems of human body


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