Open to Perspective variance or irrational stubbornness and closed mindedness



Perspectives determine your conclusions.
It’s not the truth you see, cause you may be seeing something that the opposing views don’t see.

You get trapped in debates and arguments, but what you see is only part of the truth, it’s not the whole truth, and to argue over it is only a somatic portion of the body of truth, it’s not the whole absolute truth.

If you take the picture on the left, and you take pictures above, left and right of the subject, the road, but different perspectives. It will reveal different things that is not shown in this photo.


Everything in this world is based on the perspective that we see it, and how we articulate that view is productive to delusions and falsehoods, or visions and dreams of hope, that’s why your words can bring pain or enlightenment. I’m not that wise, but I’m not that dumb that the world will tell you either.

We wrestle with understanding principles and ideas, everyone does.
We work at understanding hard conflicts, I have conflicts with my life in the field of botany and the animal world, and I delved into documentaries the last few days, and also esoterical thinking, philosophically speaking.

I’m a deep person, some say I’m eccentric or crazy, but I see myself as mess of life along with the other messes/people.

It’s basically what you see, you determine, it’s as simple as that.
It basically is you’re living in delusion or living in visions of hope, which you call dreams. Either way, I wouldn’t want to take that away from you, cause we all share our ideas and inventions toward a rich world or a destructive world.

I’d like to share you with this documentary on plants, they show a camera speed perspective, revealing what goes on and what we miss with our perspective, and what we take for granted.
We see this world, as we see it, and I see it as proud and blind, but I also see it as humble and loving, talk about conflicting views.

 Nature:What Plants talk about