Greenhouse Blues

The Greenhouse Blues…or blights

The fruit is falling off and dying… I need to take better care of the plants. It seems I have major blight issues and there are numerous blights to sift through.

I regret becoming a gardener, but I’ll never give up what I start. So many new things to learn, which I’m reviewing my web skills at the same time. We all know the web languages is an ever evolving series of commands that you have to know the terminology to master it, and it’s that terminology that is always changing. It does the same thing, but it has a new name, so they can sell it as a new technology.

To get back to the plants, I only have the technology to compare it to, but I find that this is a technology too. You need to know the terminology to describe it too. What you find is hopeless trash, they want you to dispose of it so no plants are infected by it, or at least they agree that you don’t save the seeds for the next planting.

I have white spots on the leaves of the zucchini, and brown leaf blight on the Spaghetti Squash, it’s affecting the other plants from the melons to the cucumbers, and the aphids attacking the peppers and eggplants, the lemon cucumbers seem to be getting bigger, even though the leaves all died from blight.

blight04Upper Left: Photo of Spaghetti squash with brown blight issues, you can see the black fruit gone bad. Above center: The white spot blight or powdery mildew, I’m not sure which yet. Upper Right: It went to the other plants Pumpkin and zucchini, and also melons. Lower left: another shot of the dying spaghetti squash and lemon cucumber. Lower Right: Some regular cucumbers I manage to collect 1 or 2 each time I go out.cucumbers01

I thought gardening would be a relaxing chore, that was a mistake.

So I need to go mix different blight cures, baking soda is a common cure.

You need to go here to see what I’m talking about