Leeches suck

Leeches suck

Leeches Suck till they get their fill, and it keeps them satisfied for 12 months before they get hungry again.

Let’s hope the friends that live like leeches, get their fill and be satisfied for life.
So they lose their hunger for blood and energy.

Social agendas are the life blood of the leeches, they want you to join a cause that only feed a network of more leeches, where the leeches communicate through the network of leeches passing on the victims.

This one is easy, this one is complex, this one is rich, this one is poor, and this one is wise, these they pass on the conclusions of their character. The grapevine of info on the victims is astronomical in data, the data is none the less a sort of statistical anomaly giving you a basic review of some sort of knowing of their character, superficially of course.
Not in depth, but only superficially. What lies there is more than you see.

Algorithms only give you a very superficial, unless the algorithms take into account the deepest emotions and the situations that feed on the deepest emotions. There is more to the make up of the algorithms, that you will never know, but that’s the point of life.
It’s so mysterious.

We live in a life that seems unfair, but that’s the food for the leeches. It’s the blood of the heart, things you care about, and it’s the leeches that downplay your enthusiasms, that spills your blood. Your disappointments are your heart bleeding that they suck on till they get their fill.
So beware of the leeches that you fill their social agendas, and they are indifferent to you when you fill their social agendas.

Well social agendas are not all bad, they are bad when they’re the leeches stomachs, but they’re good all the other times, the thing is to know the leeches and the difference between them and sincere agendas.

Well it’s something to think about, I thought about it today.