Peaceful Thoughts

— Peaceful Thoughts —


We deal with fights with politics of relationships, theology of religions, sexual interpretations of importance misrepresented with love, wars between nations, and the money principle is at the core of each of these problems, that the world faces daily.

We need to reach an escape in transforming the world to be a better place, rather than meditate into oblivion and making your problems fading from your existence, try to make what bothers you and others free from bothering you in the first place, is the first step in your journey.

Once you do that then others will listen to you, cause you’re not preaching for them to do a chore, but setting an example. Offering the solutions, instead of creating a cause that’s quickly corrupted with the money principle, instead of the love principle.

We should live with love, it’s an ever forgiving principle. There is what some call tough love, usually TV judges, where a form of discipline is in a loving act, to make the act effective.

When desires enter the picture, then corruption, follows in its steps.

Corruption is always throwing stumbling blocks in the path of desires, they race for the lead in life…sometimes corruption is laying the path for your desires, and sometimes is setting stumbling blocks in the path of your heart’s desires. Desires are born within your heart, then they move to the brain where they get corrupted or fulfilled.

Scheming and planning form in the brain, one side is dark and one side is light. You plan what you understand, it’s usually the fulfilling part, the light part.

Scheming is the corruptible force that carries the dark side, it may succeed, but the future of schemes is to be maintained daily.

Well both the light and dark sides need daily maintenance, but their is less maintenance on the light side, and it’s easier to work in the light… you can see everything in the daylight.

There are those who can see better in the dark, like cats… we all live here together, since we always see ourselves as right, the night shift should get along with the day shift. Since God created all of us, we should get on the path of cooperation, with each other through the principle of love.

We need to invest in the knowledge of love, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Song of Solomon 8:6
Set me as a seal upon thine heart, as a seal upon thine arm: for love is strong as death; jealousy is cruel as the grave: the coals thereof are coals of fire, which hath a most vehement flame.”

It’s like the fire in the heart that drives you to the death or the life. What you love will be your afterlife, if you love money then that’s all you have in the afterlife, cause you chose money as a god.  You can’t eat money, it won’t sustain you with nutrition, in this life, much less in the life ahead.

It drives trains in the beginning, the fire that creates the steam that drives the engines, we are those trains, that fire that creates the steam is “love”.

It can be dangerous as death, and causes hurt through jealousy, but our force will never be put out, and we will not stop the force/steam that drives the engine in our hearts.

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