Moon Rights ?

— Moon Rights ? —


We claimed it from the native Amercians, why not the moon too.

I never heard of anything so outrageous as claiming the land, because we were there first, that means we stole this land from the Natives when we discovered this new world, if we follow that logic.


The FAA is like a banker claiming everything they see. We start mining on the moon, what’s to say we don’t know what minerals are there, and do they stabilize the moon and the earth, syncing them in orbit. The moon controls the tides, is it by gravity? There seems to be many factors that control the tides.

All I know when money is the goal, it makes for errors galore…cause corruption follows.

Bigelow Aerospace will have the rights to set up inflatable tents on the moon and setup a mining station, do we even know what minerals are on the moon?

“On the other hand, metals like nickel, gold and platinum stay shiny because they don’t like to bond to oxygen. For that reason, they usually sink to the core of a planet and hence they’re rare in the crust and precious to surface dwellers.”

I knew there was money in it, they expect a treasure trove of Gold and Platinum to be at the core of the moon. This is a dangerous mix, you have these people exploring space and in the future if we don’t evolve to godlike beings, who says that they will not turn against us,

I hope they have level heads and know when to stop, the moon is important to earth’s survival, and when corporations get involved, they screw it up for the profits, and they like to hide information from the public. Look at the tobacco corporations, hiding what they put into cigarettes, I wonder what the mining companies will hide.

I hope it all goes well, it’s our children’s problems from our generation, we just benefit from the rape.

This documentary is from the Discovery Channel

Let’s hope it’s still there in a 100 years.