H2O Molecules and People

— H2O Molecules and People —


Upstate New York home waterfall. I miss it!


H2O molecules and people comparison, God gave me that analysis in my prayers, and it never left my mind.

You can mix water with anything, and the materials of are combined with the water…when you mix sugar you get sweet water, but you see only water. When you mix salt with water you see only water, but you can’t drink it to survive, in fact there many kinds of salt, all with different colors.

The Molecules of H2O, absorb the environment like the populations of people with their cultures. They make different every nation with their traditions, politics, religions, and languages, but the commonness of mankind is never changed, we all are H2O Molecules.

Two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom, I guess I can break that down that too, two sides to every man/woman, a darkside and lightside, and one side to God.

This is a parable, but I don’t know the story.

It’s what I thought about for the last week, we reach out into the universe and make up ourselves with what we take from it. Like salt and sugar, those were the easy ones for my mind to think up, but there are many more.

A friend from Florida called me, and gave me something else to write about at 2:21am, Technology.

The different ways they affect people, the smartphones, tablets, and laptops. We do different things with them, they make our lives easier or more difficult. They give us enjoyment or sorrow, and we are sweet or sour and bitter.

I guess I should mention I boycotted FB sometime at the beginning of this week, which is why my friend called and was wondering if it’s anything he said, I told him NO, cause I saw the true nature of FB, it has a lot of good in it, but it must’ve hit my nerves the wrong way that night. It was a total propaganda night, the posts were voicing patriotism, as most patriotic talk is the talk of cowards sending other people to fight for some cause that many are blinded too, cause they don’t have to go out and fight.

It’s like a blindman/unknowledgable/uninformed  telling me what’s in front of me, I have eyes too, yours don’t see and you’re telling me what in front of me, cause you read it on a post or in the news. I’m sorry to tell you the media lies too, look at the Iraq war to reveal the lies, or the Brian Williams story that is in the news now.

Ooops I’m getting into a rant… I saw this differently talking about boycotting FB…it’s a personal problem with me. I gained a lot from Facebook too, but I saw the darkside of FB too… 33% good, and 67% bad is a little out of balance

I need to think about this some more, as I guess I will, without effort. The haunting of the deepness of thoughts.

It follows me through this life

Sleep well!