PBS Non-Profit Corporation

— PBS Non-Profit Corporation —


I went to look for PBS’ production of their NOVA:Rise of the Hackers, I saw it and thought it was good.

Again I butt heads with PBS, this is DailyMotion.com, it uses Adobe Flash, so it’s not to be trusted as secure, but you see it at least. I totally did away with Flash, but in my mind I totally did away with it, I don’t know about my computer… unless you’re a programmer, you don’t know what’s on your computer.




They even sold Big Bird to HBO this summer, it seems they want to become profit driven, even what was formed for the public turned to the beast of profit.


“Investor’s Business Daily says, “If even Big Bird can take flight from government subsidies, why can’t the rest of PBS?”


They’re supposed to be commercial free programming… the key word is programming. They don’t program you to be consumers, but they program the people who fund the programs with minute long ego trips, which takes the place of commercials.

NPR is a close second to the subsidy madness everyone reaching for profit and claiming nonprofit status.

PBS was started in 1969 as a Trojan Horse, it seemed like a prize, but it was a slowly transforming into a beast that was profit driven. We still have to look at those ego trips instead of commercials, which grow longer every year.

Or we have to pay $2 to view their productions on youtube, which is a sham scam like junk email. We want to serve the public for the public’s good, which Mr Rogers addressed the congress in favor of PBS in 1969.



With their funding drives… anyway I digress… I’ll close for now


In the words of  Mr Rogers What do you with the Mad that you feel?, I write blogs like this.