What cars do?

— What cars do? They kill people… —



By not giving the choices for self control, and conditioning them to go through a processor, which is supposed to be safer than the real reflex of a human being.

I don’t know, if my car is going through a processor, when I stomp on the brake, or the throttle… it’s a 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan, I remember hitting the brakes and it seemed like a delay. I don’t know when the processors took over everything, it was so subtle, that it seemed an almost invisible transition.

I have ABS, so I guess the braking is controlled by a microprocessor… but I would like a car that was not controlled by processors, but by my reflexes. I know I’m getting old and my reflexes don’t work at the agility of when I was young, but computer chips and me don’t get along… when we have wackos writing the code for them.

I just want a carburetor, spark plugs, a distributor cap, the things when I worked on cars, I could do the timing to get it running smoothly… and then take care of it, and hope it doesn’t break down. I surf the internet with a computer, I don’t want to drive one too.

Mechanical and me, makes sense and is logical. You bring in a computer chip between me and the mechanical process, and I’m not writing the code, well even if I write the code, I’m a newbie at writing code, and come up with errors all the time. It’s a recipe for disaster.

I tried to buy a car without the satellite assistance in the vehicle, and no one would offer that, they came with every vehicle… all he said just don’t activate it. DUH… yeah sure. Just unplug it, it’s a little box located somewhere.

I’ll think I’ll get into car restoration, and buy a car lift, so I could work on them… though I’m getting weaker by the day. I should’ve started this way when I was younger, but I was too busy with my ego and was distracted.

The cars need a switch to turn of all the processors, except power steering and the ABS… but what I don’t like is overriding of the mechanical with the microprocessors, it should be the other way around, at least have a switch hardwired that I could turn it off or on.

Then there would be no complaints by me… especially when they control your car by remote codes… there’s been so many deaths, or conspiracy deaths. When you said they could control your car, everybody laughed and thought you were crazy. The following videos prove that…