Firewood Keeps us Warm and Cozy

— Firewood Keeps us Warm and Cozy —


firewoodFirewood keeps us warm and cozy on a cold winter’s night. Any heat keeps us warm and cozy, whether propane, fuel oil, or electric. The cost is the question. Do you have enough finances to keep your home warm for another cold winter.

I’ve never thought about it, before this winter. I was thankful for the things God’s given me. So, I had no need to worry. Well this is the first presidency that I had not been privy too, but no presidency I’ve approved of. Well, I would’ve voted for Jimmy Carter.
If I had voted then, and he won the presidency, but his presidency was riddled with scandals too.

No one person is the voice of the many people within the group of a nation. So many cultures that make up this nation, and we are supposed to give up the way we did things, but that’s America dictating our freedoms away again.


We seek freedom of speech, and religion, also the press all contained with the first amendment. Not mentioning the right to protest is included in our rights.

First Amendment

  • “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”



That is the fire that branded this country in noble causes, and kept us warm in the winters of our existence. The Valley Forge winter with our forefathers in battle against the British.

I remember reading that in my history books in high school, and wondered what was driving them. They stole the lands from the natives, claiming freedom, and giving them land on their reservations. Which wasn’t the land that they chose to live. What happened to every man is created equal? We enslaved the blacks, and evicted the natives from their lands.

We eventually saw our wrongs, and freed the blacks, and gave sovereignty to the natives on the reservations. Which we are testing them everyday. We create urban areas as prisons with good recreation programs, to pacify our needs.

That was a moment I went on a tangent… lets get back to the firewood subject.



Firewood is heat for some, and one time Bonfires for others

I keep warm from firewood in the winters, mainly chopping down from the standing snags. Or chopped down fresh logs, larch and fir are the best. I was supplied with the right wood for the last winter, but this winter is another story entirely.

I don’t have any Doug Fir and Larch, but I have hope that my insides will keep me warm. My neighbors are good too, much like anywhere I’ve lived.

I learned that when I returned to New York from my travels throughout the northern hemisphere. I was halfway through traveling, that I realized what’s different from the next person, was their beliefs/cultures, languages, and history, so I thought I’d learn about them through books. Which is not the same as living it with experience.


There is corruption all around the world, and it needs to be eradicated, whenever it’s found, but try to convince the corruptors of that. Not to go off on another tangent, but the fires that burn within us, is the only changing factor that we live through.

We burn with truth or lies. We burn with love or hatred, or we burn with righteousness or prejudice. This motivates our actions. These are the fuels we burn. To give us purpose or reasons to live.


The conclusion of Firewood

Coming up with this metaphor of the fires burning within us, and relating it to firewood, and that we use to keep us warm.

We are growing colder and colder, and need to be woken up to that fact. The technology is what makes us colder, and lessens our sensitivities to others.

We need our cellphones to exist, besides breathing oxygen. We need to check our Facebook’s status to feel good about ourselves. We need drama, like we need oxygen. I tend to differ on that last point. We don’t need drama. In fact, it’s a good teaching tool. It ingrains our hearts with lessons that we will never forget… cause we have dramas to remember.

So I guess we need dramas, if we live with others… I’m slow. Forgive me.

I’m alone, and my only communication with the world, is with this blog, also with FB too.

I feel like I’m feeling sorry for myself, and whining about what’s bothering me.

Loneliness is a hard and heavy cross to bear. So all the lonely ones out there, I can relate to you and your solitude. You want company, but when you get company you miss your solitude. It’s a catch-22 situation, you want company, and when you get it, you want to be lonely again. I’m never satisfied.

Just know you’re not alone.

There is God within you, but attaining that God, is a long narrow road. Well it’s as wide as the Earth, but by God’s standards it’s narrow. We can be a social butterfly, or a fly by night bat, but whatever we are, we have the right to breathe, and live an unfettered life.


Hopes of freedom is a hope that was burning in the winters of Valley Forge 1777-1778, their firewood was the dreams of freedom. Burn the virtues, that will bring you to the warmth you need. The virtual world is an endless supply, just think you can.

Strike a match, and go with it. Don’t light any fires, that you can’t control, or you will be an arsonist/terrorist. The state doesn’t like that. They are the enforcers of the law.

And the LAW crucified Jesus, cause the law governed people. People were not as advanced back then, but people are not as advanced today either. Technology is the beast that deceives us all, and blesses us all too. It’s what you choose to do with those blessings, that determines whether we will burn our house down, or be safely warm and cozy.

I choose  safely warm and cozy…