Ontological Thinking 2

— Ontological Thinking 2 —


Ontological is a way of thinking, that we all do, or are subject to. The more we create intelligent tools, the more dumber we become.

I used to do multiplications in my head, when I was young and full of vigor, but since the calculator, my mind has progressed into mush.

Everyday we become more dumber by the technology which in my mind feeds on us, we give them our intelligence and we become more dumb and numb. We aren’t stimulated to seek out the piece of intelligence that we all should attain.

Thus becoming more dumb, Jabba da Hutt comes to my mind, rather than seeking intelligence as the force that drives us, we seek the easy way.

We create the answers, rather than work to find the answers. Intellectual abilities are founded on searching, but we create the inventions that make us dumb.

It’s true that the inventions are more mathematically superior than we are, but it’s the mathematicians that are superior, cause they practice the thought. They make the algorithms with their thoughts, they figure out the problems for us.

Thus making us more dumb than we were before, ontologically thinking is making us more dumb, we design smarter tools and making us more dumb in the process, like the snake eating it own tail, and then we die.

The new upgrade by Zemanta was a flop, so I’m going on the fly, making the links to other sites, rather than just clicking a button to include the link. It’s a handy tool, but when they make you work for it, I feel a little flabbergasted, struck with awe, at how much work it saved. It made me lazy, and unappreciative of the unappreciated.

I don’t want to get off on a tangent here, but the little things are connected to the big things and are connected to the world’s social scenes. I appreciate the little things that Zemanta did for me, like I appreciate the things calculators did for us, but I don’t appreciate the dumbness and emptiness that it leaves behind in us.

Where does that intelligence go? Is it lost to age?

Every time I talk to my Parents, they grow more unappreciative of life, and blame it on age. I see the age becoming a burden on me, in fact I have to talk myself out of bed in the morning to face another day. The world is in shambles, and is threatening be more destructive. It’s been that way from the cold war days when I was growing up as a child in the 60’s, and never got better.

So my question is by creating more marvels of inventions, are we making ourselves dumber?

Now with the race of the technological singularity, I see the speed increasing, causing more fear rising at an exponential pace. That the awe, is like a deer struck in awe on the road at the headlights of an oncoming car, there is shock and awe in their eyes. Do they run or wait, it means the level of fear in their hearts of headlights.

Think about that, and get back to me…or not.