Free God from the Cage

— Free God from the Cages/Religions —

window-97020_640Religions are cages in my view with understandings and misunderstandings of God are the bars, they hold back the dangers of God, but also the good, as well as the bad.

It’s a cage, if you loved God as you say, you wouldn’t try and put God in a cage. You wouldn’t like it, if God put you in a cage. The Bible, KoranVedic, and in fact every scripture looking to encapsulate God. That you use to understand God for your own sake, and it becomes as oppressive as the cage that you caged God in.

I see false messiahs that paint themselves as the savior everyday for a price, that is a bar on a cage, that they are trying to form in your mind. There are millions of false prophets that carry a portion of God in a cage and preach it, like a freak sideshow.

Jesus went through this and it made him mad when he met the money changers, that turned the house of God into a store that they sold their incomplete distorted interpretations of God.

Open the cages, and free God, cause you cause the suffering on mankind. God has many perspectives, and not one perspective is true, if you excuse the multitude of the other perspectives with all their distortions and truths.

God is God, and will not be caged. God is spirit, and when you try and cage a spirit, you cause suffering on yourself and others.

If you share the spirit of love, then you share God in all of God’s forms… cause I find that is the one common form of communication. Every religion that espouses violence to understand God, throughout history has proven a failure in understanding God, but they are quick to cage God as their own personal property.

God is not to be caged like an animal in a zoo, your understanding of the enormous nature of God is limited, and you’re just butchering God by taking a limited understanding and caging it.

Be thankful for the understanding as a grace, and don’t try and cage it, that causes suffering in you and the world with raising another false messiah to mislead the masses.

Love is the way, name a religion that doesn’t have Love as the common theme, educate me.

I mean study the scriptures for your own development, but don’t try and cage God, cause God maybe teaching another with another view of God’s majesty, that you don’t see. Be thankful for the grace of understanding, and realize it’s your own view and not to impose it on others, but share it with the grace that you received it.

That is God in my view…free and clear.