10th Amendment of US Constitution

— 10th Amendment of US Constitution —


“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”


These words ended the bill of rights (the first 10 amendments of the US constitution). Somehow we forgot this amendment. It gives the power to the states, or the people to determine policies or laws. So why did they determine marijuana or cannabis to be illegal, when our founding fathers grew it at will and made money off of it.

I guess it was the medical industry and the lumber industry, there were many more industries, that went into cahoots to villianize it, cause it cut into their profits.

The reason prohibition of alcohol didn’t succeed, was that the people didn’t want to be dictated what they couldn’t drink.

World War II was a good distraction to pass this unscrupulous law, Colorado and Washington made the first attempts at changing the federal law, where you can grow it without reprimand or fines.

It was signed into law by the President who gave the speech the Only thing we have to fear is fear itself, what did he fear of this plant. It was grown by his predecessors, without fear in their hearts.

I know I can get high from it, and it never got me into trouble, it made me lazy and a total space cadet at times, but I see politicians getting high on power and go ego trips constantly,  like they are doing something that would make this world better, and no one made power and egos illegal.

Though they are noble deeds, but I see them making the world worse with their fears and doubts. Terrorizing the world with their paranoias, with this war on terror.


Hell isn’t merely paved with good intentions, it is walled and roofed with them. Aldous Huxley


The overstepping their boundaries taking on the world like a dictator, when you go around the world dictating policies economic, trade, and politics, you are creating rivals and enemies, not allies. When this world would look at itself as a unified body of nations, instead of a loosely fitted with constant conflicts/wars/aches of the body.

I’m not here to enable individualism or to destroy it, which I see the NWO is trying to do. I favor individualism to a point, when it tries to destroy another’s individualism, I’m against it.

I’m for it, up to that point.

It’s like freedom is a view, that’s all right when it’s in your own thoughts, but wrong when you want to impose your freedom on others, cause their freedom might be different from yours. This country was founded on freedom as the basis of its existence, don’t distort it for your own sake.