News, own research is bound to set you free

NEWS you choose, you win or lose

Two sides of the story

The thought of stories being supplanted on the public for propaganda’s purposes, is no new thought. It’s old news to me. Well maybe supplant is not the right word to bring in to focus of the importance, the press lies, as well as inform you with truth.

I’m one to defend the right of the press without censorship, it may be lies, and when it’s in satire and doesn’t hide it the fact that it’s satire, then it’s entertaining, but when the satire is passing it off, as news, then it’s a big sore on the fabric of nationalism, the clothes we all wear.

We seek the truth in the story, and never find it, cause it’s covered by the corruption in govt, or a scandal in govt, or someone claiming national security issues, it get’s covered by someone’s shame.

Biases is what stains the news, it’s presented that way with an agenda in mind, so beware of the news, it may contain subtle biases that try and persuade your thoughts.
View it as objectively as you can, it’d be healthier for you and your mind without carrying erroneous data.

Well, I don’t want to flood you with data, I need 300 words to make this green light for SEO(Search engine Optimization)… I have a problem with that.

Anyway, I would rather post the video and less talk/typing, the video says it all.

Don’t fret with anxiety, is the only thing wrong with the video I disagree with, don’t have anxiety in the first place. What’s going on in the world, is going on in the world, all the worrying is making it worse, for you and your people.

Don’t Worry Be Happy, as the song says.

I need to learn to place videos as images, a smaller version, that text wraps around, but I don’t have the time… well I reached 300 words.