WordPress featured images sucks


In the next post at least… I installed quick featured images and they said I can remove the featured image, but to no avail, I tried and the error is still there. I need to go in with FTP to fix it.

It’s late and I want to go to bed, I’ve been pulling my hair out of my head dealing with the shares to FB, they choose the thumbnail, and I read that featured images was one of the ways to get the choice of the thumbnail in the mix.

So I put a big STOP sign as the featured image, then I got the error for the next post, and no choice for the STOP sign in the thumbnails in the sharing process. So I wanted to get rid of the error in the next post, and removed it in the post, and then I updated it, and the error was still there.

So I installed the Quick Featured Images, claiming they removed featured images, but they never recognized the image was there, heck I don’t know how that image/bug appeared…and why I can’t get rid of it.

Heck I don’t know if you see it, but on my screen it’s big red bar across the top saying Image and the title of the post.

I even tried to restore an old version, but that didn’t get rid of it.

Don’t Worry Be Happy is all i can say

I’m going to bed, and I’m not giving up. Tomorrow is another day, and I start another day frustrated, cause I want to share with FB, in fact I started this website in response to FB’s censorship with the news feeds. It’s a propaganda machine, they show the info that you want to see, at least they justify it that way. It’s manipulation at it’s finest, repeat repeat repeat, you’ll eventually break, and start believing it’s true.

They pick the info that they want you to see… it’s free, so why complain.