New Youtube will become Old Hollywood

— The New Youtube will become the Old Hollywood —


The Future of TVCalling copyright infringements, like candy on Halloween, or trick or treat mania, could be Hollywood’s fate. Where tricks are there ready to give out, and the treats are hard to find.

Youtube is taking that same road, where they form a special few, and they model themselves after Hollywood’s celebrities. So if they go the same way, everywhere that Hollywood goes, the youtube crowd is going themselves.

If they’re not, already there.


I started this during the controversy of the Oscars, black is beautiful and ugly. White is beautiful and ugly too. It depends on who you speak to. All the colors of the rainbow is beautiful, but when it’s on a film from an oil spill, it’s ugly.

It all depends on your perspective. When you are a mouse, the cat seems as a terrorist. The cat feels threatened by the dog, and hisses in fear. It depends on what you are, and how you look at things, determines what you feel.

Also who you listen to, and read what’s said about it. These help you make your decisions.

I suppose my writing this will help you make your decision of youtube, but probably not, since no one reads this.


I‘m a forever an optimistic viewer, I hope forever to die… yet I can’t kill myself. Imagine you’re in a cage, but not left to go outside of your cage, or you will be disappointed.

I believe in God, not in fear, but in love. God said I would be disappointed, if I killed myself, and I believed God.

So I live in suffering to please God. That doesn’t sound right, but it will make sense to me someday, and I won’t regret it.

It just wears on me the wrong way.


I tend to think that is youtube’s fate too. They seek another understanding, but they follow the same path that is filled with the same understandings from before. They only offer a new understandings of technologies, they don’t offer the new understandings of the inside of the human nature.

I would rather be enlightened, than fried from technology.

The marriage of technology and humanity is a constant virtual war, where they have to give it a new name, and call it a new technology, but it does the same thing. They can sell a new technology, so they have to give it a new name.

Who would by old junk?

What do we call old Hollywood? Hmmm … lets call it Youtube!  We can sell it.