Google’s Alphabet or Alphabet’s Google

— Google’s Alphabet or Alphabet’s Google —


Eric Schmidt is in the news again, this time it’s as a advisory board member for the DoD(Department of Defense). Google organized into a separate company called the Alphabet in October of last year.



I don’t trust this Schmidt guy from Google’s Alphabet, he takes our liberties at his whim for the sake of profits. Anyone who takes it up the ass for profit, is not someone I would trust. His loyalties sway between privacies and profits, and profits always win.

When his privacy was violated, he had a problem with it.

“Hey, Eric: if you don’t want us to know how much money you make, where you live, and what you do with your spare time, maybe you shouldn’t have a house, earn a salary, or have any hobbies, right?”

It doesn’t look good. He’s connected with profits as a #1 priority, and everything else takes a backseat. The people feed those profits, so the people should be the first priority.


Now working with the DoD, he’s in bed with the Govt, and what’s in our cyber future?


Hack the Pentagon… a new look at cyber security.


We look to elect Trump or Clinton, or Cruz and Sanders, the classic reality of the degradation of this country. Where profits rule, and love and cooperation takes the backseat to profit’s course.

This 2016 election is a sign of the times. Do we become a fascist nation, and are willing to become a nation that is willing to commit war crimes, in defense of war crimes against us? Do we want to set terror in the world, to stop terror?

Now with Google taking a back seat to Alphabet’s driving, what are they into?

Do they want to stay private? Ask Schmidt how private is privacy?

What is in our cyber future? We lost our privacy when the internet was born, and it’s become more and more invasive into our private lives. Like an invasive weed, takes away from the nutrient rich meadows, that feeds our livestock.

Corporations are replacing our Government’s policies, we are a fascist nation. Don’t like what I say, then you don’t look at it darkly. I like looking at it brightly, but with the future leaders to choose from, it’s hard to smile when you have to choose from Darth Vader Trump or the Queen of emails, or the other two choices the burn of the Bern, or the drowning of the Cruz.

I never should’ve posted tonight, I depressed even myself.