I Need to VENT.

UPDATE : Correction… it seems that 16 boxes, were 16 bandages, at $134.15 in a case, so that was an error, the way they worded it, that caused my dilemma. They word it, so you think your getting a deal, but you’re NOT… but I was ripped off on the colostomy bags, $657.48 for 12 cartons/boxes of precut colostomy bags.
I had to order them from Medical Monks.

I find there is more stress in trying to get a refund, and all the rigamarole involved in that… I only have one brain, and it’s like a messy desk in my head, and trying to make sense of the marketing lies, is a very stressful job… thanks Bernays.

Unionize, or Not Unionize?

I‘ve been ripped off, either not by my own hand, and either by porch pirates, or sloppy records by a incompetent medical supplier, or unionized, or not unionized delivery people.

12 X $56.22 = $674.64  = Precut Colostomy Bags

1 X $134.15 = PolyMem Max Silver Non-Adhesive Dressings
(total of 80, that I cut in half making it 160)

1 case of 30 x 36 Inches  chux($48.88),
but they sent me 23 x 36 Inches chux($46.90)
with a price difference of $1.98, that I’m out of

So the Total of me being ripped off = $810.77

I think it was by porch  pirates, or by sloppy delivery, or incompetence from the medical supply place, or unionized, or non unionized delivery people.

Which makes me delve into the corruptions in both levels of unionization and non-unionization, the corruptions are at the top tier in unions organizations, but their at the workers level in non-unions organizations.

I’m very friendly with UPS, cause it’s the same guy, and its unionized. The corruption is at the fees level, for the unionization.

But FedEx is non-unionized, and I don’t know who works there, cause they hire independent contractors for deliveries, and they come in different vehicles, sometimes their own vehicles, trucks or vans.

It makes me think that FedEx needs to be unionized, or not, but better vetting in the hiring process. The missing stuff is by what FedEx, said it delivered. They said it was delivered, but not was in each box… so I don’t know what was in each box, and all I got from the medical supply place was just the tracking #.

And I tried to communicate with the medical supply place, that was before I realized I never received the 16 boxes of silver dressings, and I never heard back from them, cause it was on their site (Vitality Medical)… and not by my email account, so I have no record of it.

So, I’m in a dilemma… so now I’m leery of anything delivered by FedEx, and I need to inspect it, as soon as it’s delivered, which is hard to do, since I’m disabled and on bedrest… I only have 4 hours when I’m up, and it’s too make dinner, and do whatever chores, I have made plans for in my bedrest.

I hate solitude, living in a world of thieves(beggars), and war crimes(murderers).
It’s like, I’m waiting for someone to murder me, or to be honest at least… and not have evil thoughts, while wearing the mask of a smile… or some line of good business, that I’m saving by discounted prices… it more a bill of theft, nothing is saved, it’s not by grace, which is what we breathe.

I’m just venting… so if it bothers you, then get a life… or quit holding a grudge, or chip on your shoulder, or even jealousy, that I don’t get out and spend money on Gas, which gives me more money to buy very expensive musical toys… which is about 5-6 thousand dollars total in about 2.6 years.

I hate waiting for delivery, so I wait less with UPS, but FedEx can be all day, anytime in the early morning, to late afternoon… which is over my 4 hour limit… and this time of year it’s getting dark about 8:30pm, but it gets dark about 11pm, and light at about 4:30am in July.

I just like reliability of UPS, more than the unreliability of FedEx… it seems the unionized are more happier workers, and the FedEx workers are more living from paycheck to paycheck.

I’m in a dilemma when it come to unionization or non-unionization, cause I see the plus on both sides, and I can see the cons on both sides too. The cons is the extortion of union fees for the workers, but the pros are they go to bat for the workers.

Contract negotiations, are where the pluses happen for the workers on strike.

Independent contractors are not bound by union fees, but they go to a newer job, that pays more. So, holding a steady job is not in the cards, FedEx workers. There’s a lot of turnaround in the job description…

It was like the nurses in a hospital, most of them were temps, and weren’t local…I was surprised by that, when I was in Kalispell Logan Hospital, and I asked a nurse where she lived, and she said she was temporary, cause she was just a traveling nurse… I think that was the term she used.

Anyway, that’s what I need to do, cause I don’t know who to blame… I don’t blame the incompetence of the medical supply, or the FedEx or the UPS drivers, but I think that I blame the porch pirates, there are those who follow the delivery trucks (UPS or FedEx)… It’s just stressing me out, cause I need those Silver Dressings, cause foam soaks up more exudation from the wounds, and Silver, is a microbial, to boot.

Hopefully, I’ll find a sterile supply of high absorption Silver dressings… it seems to be what porch pirates like.