Windows 11 is a spy program.

I updated to 23H2 in November in 2023… and I don’t like the copilot thing not being abled to be uninstalled… another spying widget, it’s probably what the widgets feed data to.

Here’s what’s new in 24H2 upgrade.

I’m thinking I’m going to move to Linux, I know the Linux core has many distros, because it’s open source operating system, and the Linux core is the only common thing, and developers build the apps over the Linux core… like Android is the Linux core, with many different Android apps, built upon that OS… the core.

It’s my way of understanding it… I’m not a coder, I have limited memory of the terms in HTML and CSS, but I have help with that in WordPress.

I have problems with proprietary software, saying what I can have on my PC, or not.
It’s like, another freedom I lose.
They like their Widgets, which is like a spy drone… so I’m not widget friendly… I always see them in my RAM memory, and I kill them, when I can.

I understand it’s for security purposes… but when are you secure, when you hire a paranoid OS with widgets, taking away our freedoms. They should be called “spy drones” with DLLs accompanying them.
Who knows what spying software are in those DLLs?

Well, here is the video that sparked this post from Britec09.

I just hope this isn’t as bad, as I think, or suspect it is. Blocking programs to run or not, is the one freedom, I won’t give up on.

I’m a passive individual… with guidelines advice, but it’s my choice… and if I don’t like it, they should make a Windows 11 Pro sandbox, in the Home Edition too, not just the Pro Version of Win 11 Pro, cause they have it in Windows 11 Pro.

A Sandbox is like a virtual machine, that doesn’t harm the native OS, cause it reinstalled a new version of windows 11, but when you close the program, it leaves the memory… not effecting the native windows 11.
I don’t know what I’m talking about, but it’s what I understand of it.

That doesn’t return the data to MS, but I will forgive them, if they do… there are many variables, and they may need to do that… for security purposes… but with a world of malicious hackers, and malicious robots too, I won’t blame them.

I don’t know who is not trying to socially engineer me, or us… I feel like giving up, but then it’s losing to me… I’m humble, but I won’t be defeated like that… I’m an alliance to the truth, and not deceptive sayings… the language of con men/women.

I’m tired of getting ripped off by tech marketeers… they phrase it, as their not lying, and their telling the truth, leading you to assume, of what you don’t know… they’re not going to tell you that, cause it might change your mind in buying it.

Well, this is my take on the new spyware Windows 11 Home Edition… and its further locking us in a cage, instead of us flying on our own… with liberty to go, where we want to go…

I like the SANDBOX thing to install all new programs, to see if you like it… and it doesn’t effect your native OS, whether it’s a Linux distro, or Windows or Apple…etc. …