LOOPS Loops Schloops Bloops

— LOOPS Loops Schloops Bloops —


I started getting back into music making, and when sampling first started in the late 60’s, I was years behind it, and discovered it by accident in the early 90’s, cause it suited what I needed. I’ve been using the words “looping” and “loops” as if everyone knows about it.

Music has been about loops for about the same time as sampling, and has branched out in the early 90’s, and become more common, with software by Sonic Foundry’s Acid, or Fruity Loops. That made loops available to the public and artists. Well it’s becoming a merging of artist and public, where anyone can create music in the Cloud.

Go to Splice.com to learn about it, but be wary about it… I say there is potential there, but I don’t condone it. I see a lot of double crossing dangers there too. You have to decide… I see a lot of good potential, but I see a lot of bad potential there. The clouds can be a stormy messes, or a gentle rains… the stormy messes, I try to avoid.



The cloud is something I don’t trust right now, it’s like being hooked up to an artificial life support machine, it only goes one way, mainly the web’s way. The corporation’s way, and not the public’s way. They are different entities, corporations and the public/peoples.

Only the spiders live on the web happily. They trap every species that gets absorbed into the web… which is everyone alive… at least, those who venture on the internet.

I don’t want to venture into my mind, which is dark and complicated, but I want to shine the light on things that go unnoticed, by not saying these things.

The cloud is something that has a lot of potential as a good tool, but I see it as a bad tool in the hands of corporations. It should be in the hands of the people. The corporations want to hoard it, and use it for their own use, and only their use. They come under the delusions that they own it, cause they funded the beginning of it.

A common misconception of mankind they discover something, and they think that they have entitlement to it. They think that they created it, which is totally false. They only discovered it… discovery is not ownership. When mankind sees that, we’ll be free, and closer to the ending kingdom/utopia/heaven. The corporations want govt control, and the populations enslaved under their control, which is closer to hell.

Ooops my mind is leaking out.


Anyway getting back to the audio side of this post, I was amazed at the productions I made with the loop based software, the Acid program. I never played a thing, and I made whole songs that were marvelous. They were better than anything I would’ve played, well not to make me sound whiny and negative, but it’s my honest opinion of myself.

I can sound great when I surrender to the free spirited side of my music, but that lacks rhythm and repetitiveness. It’s great for solo jams, but every solo jam is weak, if you can’t copy it.

Then came in the loops, which is a sampling of a riffs, keystrokes, or drum patterns, that can be played over and over to simulate rhythms, or voice looping tools that can be done with Guitars also. You can look at all the looping tools here.

The more I write about this, the more I’m getting sucked back in, and I want to buy one. The voice loopers especially, but I want to do more research, before I buy, or I will be kicking myself in the head.



I bought the Roli Seaboard Rise thinking it was a synth, rather than a MIDI controller, and it doesn’t have a MIDI plug, and what I thought was an audio out, was a foot pedal in.  There are no oscillators in the Seaboard Rise 25, it’s only a MIDI controller. So, I need to do some more research this time, rather than fall for the marketer’s lies, or my assumptions. No more buys on assumptions… for me.

I did that years ago.

Anyway, that is all I can come up with talking about looping, loops, and loopers. So, I don’t sound loopey, this post explains my loopiness. I’ve learned a lot by writing this, hopefully you will too.