Music and Songwriting

Songwriting and Music

Music and Songwriting it doesn’t matter what the order, you need creativity as the first step. You need music or lyrics as the seed, and the song grows from the seed. With inspiration it develops branches and fruit.

The fame factor is the main force of influence in selling the song, some songs are so shallow that they are fun and vain. Some are so deep that they are a lot of work to understand, the lyrics are so complicated and ambiguous, but they have a simple groove to make them fun too.


 This is a song from the heart, the basic true talent of a songwriter, it’s a cover of another talent, but she feels the same way. I have heart in all my songs too, but they’re not sell able, they’re more like smellable.

I write songs to communicate to the public, I’m not a talker or singer, it seems. I’m trying my talent at writing, to reach the public, with writing this blog.

 I’ve been in love with the truth all my life, but the world doesn’t love the truth the way I do. They lie at will, and bury the truth alive. Here is the King of hearts singing of the love of my life.

What is truth? It is the undeniable facts that make up this world, whether it be science, religion, or politics.

Politics is full of lies, but they present it patronizingly as truth. Religion is man made and in no way should be confused with God, it’s our interpretation of God, which is as vast as God. Science has been wrong more times than religion, but they are grounded in the world, but they go by faith too, they call it experimenting.

I don’t want to preach I only want to share my views of this thing called life. You might agree with me, or you might be set against me, know I’m only sharing my perspective. Your perspective on songs may be different, if you have talent, then it’s definitely different.

I’m creative that’s my talent, I wish to fit in with whatever I have to face.
The renaissance man, know many things, but masters none… I’m a talentless fool.


 Pour it out, you just have to pour out your heart if you want something to sing about.

You have to go to NYC or LA, to make it in the music business, or Nashville for Country music, but you don’t have to go anywhere, if the talent is in you.

I seen so many songs that were great, get rejected cause they weren’t sell able, or what they were looking for at conventions. I made it to two conventions one in LA and one in Boston, before I made up my mind about conventions. They threw around a lot of BS, presented in a professional tone, but all it was advice that you had to be in the right place at the right time, was the basic thought I left the conventions with.

 This guy sounds like Bruce Cockburn, I was surprised it wasn’t. He’s deep and complicated, but the music has an underlying groove to keep you listening and thinking.

I enjoy a song I have to think about, it shows talent that I like. I know the music is what everyone else enjoys, with shallow lyrics, more the dance tunes, but I see them as chanting some foolish chant, over and over. Everybody has different tastes.

This is some deep song, called resplendent, I still don’t know what this song is about. Resplendent is something shiny and new, but this song sounds like a lamentations of blues. I liked it, though I wouldn’t have called it resplendent.

I have many tastes in music I have no real genre favorite, except rock, cause I grew up listening to rock.

Music is our interpretation of the world expressed in feelings through sound, that we don’t need lyrics or words, the music is all we need.

Music is calming and trance like or energy driven rock and roll, with a catchy beat or groove. Rhythms are rampant and are what moves me in a song, it what stays with me when the song is over.


 This song it, is realizing that we don’t know nothing of this life, and we have to be continually learning about music and life in general. We’ll see we were wrong more times than not, and how we react to the message that we were wrong, is our future.

That’s what I got from this song, and it probably isn’t the message the songwriter or it could be. I got that message and it pleases me.

To each his/her own, it all depends on your perspective and each of us has their own perspective on life. The diversity of opinions is like a field of wild flowers in bloom, it is beautiful and awe inspiring.Where you stand in that field is different from another spot. Like each snowflake is different and unique, so are your tastes and perceptions.

 This song is someone singing about his fans, and the way he saved their lives. The way his songs touched their lives, and it gave him hope to go on with his life.

With the thoughts of depression and the recent suicide by Robin Williams, we all need some certification that we are alive, and are appreciated. It’s a dark world that our demons inhabit, and they destroy your mind and your peace.

So if neglect anyone, don’t be afraid to tell me.


I wasn’t that good as a musician, but I did my best. I came up with the classic scale progressions in my solos, everyday I jammed I came with the same progression notes, I climbed the same pentatonic scale. It gave me release from the tensions I felt.

Well, I should close this blog/rant about music, I didn’t learn music, till I picked up the guitar at 19 years old and started learning a couple of chords, then I had the accident which broke my back, and I started the guitar and then got swept away by my ego and wanted to be a rock star, only one thing, I was in a wheelchair.

It’s hard to hide the wheelchair, cause that’s what’s in every mind’s eye, and when you don’t have talent; it’s even harder to be free spirited.

I just listened to songs I haven’t listened to in 20 years that I wrote, I think I’m singing to a future self…cause the lyrics cut me to the core. To show a little humility, and I’m healed…it’s weird listening to what talent I had when I was strictly playing the instruments, instead of using loops…I wasn’t that bad.
Oh No the ego talks…shaddup ego.

But my Dad said “Do your best and be happy with that”, so I did my best, ego and all.

These 2 songs I never or did and forgot about it, released online before.


I’ve got to Feel it