I think therefore I am

I think therefore I am

That cartoon was a bit silly, but (thinking)…

I would like to expand on that thought from Rene Descartes, I think sometimes I doubt that there is any point  to any existence at all.

If we are to die, I don’t want to live in struggles, that serve no purpose, but disappointment and despair. Despair comes from failure, and you struggle to succeed. You feel good in the succession, and you look to succeed in another way like a junkie looking for another fix.

When you relax that you succeeded in complacency, you get another failure that surprises you, and you get into despair again.

It’s a roller coaster ride this life, it is filled with ups and downs.

“It’s just a ride” — Bill Hicks

I know to challenge God is not the way, look at the world of terror to see that.

You have false religions that raise terror and the end of the world prophecies, to feed their terrors.

This is turning into a rambling rant, my mind is all over the place, the anxiety is taking the control of the reasoning faculties of my mind. I want to give up and the other side of myself is a stubborn wrestler, so I’m in turmoil all of my life.
I die many times a day, if I’m not mourning over my dead body, doing nothing in thought, and being reborn thinking new, and taking the place of a new creature with a new enlightened heart.

Every sentence I hear I see the truth that enlightens me, or I see the errors that confuses me. I see the big errors in the fear principle, so I don’t fear only become more aware, more cautious. I don’t dive in to the despair of fear, cause it’s a strong current of a river, I choose to walk along the shore of the river, and when I see people crying in anxiety going down the river of fear. I try to be a rock where they catch their breath, and build up their strength.

Terror is the rapids of the river of fear. Terror fruits is sour and bitter, it’s no pleasure except for the sick minded producing the fruit.

I see music as a therapy for the thinker, it gives him a sense of himself or herself.

Unconscious thought theory is the way I wrote lyrics, I didn’t think of what I was saying, I just blurted out what I wanted to sing to the music. I was composing a melody. I’m not a singer, and I felt like I needed to make sense. So I went with the spirit, probably before my time… I’m always early.


“There is the greatest practical benefit in making a few failures early in life.”

—  Thomas Henry Huxley