Enough Ego Trips

Ego trips to hell and back to heaven

woman-286747_150Let’s talk about the ego, and reveal how dangerous its influence on our lives, both the negative and positive. Well the positive is dangerous too, and could be a detriment, as well as a benevolent factor too.

Ego trips for pleasure, are fun while you’re on them, but detrimental after the fact, when you are in your own little mind, and not aware of others.

I had a walk down memory lane last night reliving the dreams of my youth, I’m going to be 57 this year at my next birthday.  I ran into the dangers of the ego last night, with reliving the dream.

It was an edifying break from reality, but when I woke up this morning, I felt the decisions of a fool.

I was so narcissistic last night in my own little ego trip down memory lane, I woke to the world with their problems, they restarted the war between Israel and Hamas, not the Palestinian people. Well they didn’t start the war, Hamas and Israel did, the Palestinians only suffer for it.
Along with ISIS in Iraq and Syria, the Ukraine and Russia, along with the backdoor cheers from the US and Europe. I’m just one man and they also shot another black man in St. Louis last night, as if it couldn’t get any worse at home.

Not to go off on a tangent and get away from the EGO, I want to take focus of the EGO as defined by Freud.

The Id, ego, and super ego, it takes the ego and separates into 3 sides of the ego. It doesn’t complicate it enough, for from one comes 3. Where the ego is the mediator between the desires living in the Id, and the morality living in Super Ego, the ego is the battleground. I see that I spent the evening on a battleground within my own being according to Freud.

There is also another definition of the Ego defined by religions, which is another quagmire of confusion. We have known of its existence for over 10,000 years and still we don’t know what it can do. We are dumb people, including myself, cause the more I look at the ego, the more confused I get.

I should say I’m more apt to favor the Freudian view of the ego, the religious views lack the explanation, and rely more on faith rather than understanding, though I see the point of faith, sometimes you just got to jump in with all your might and take it for all its worth.

I did that more times than I liked. I want to understand the ego like the back of my hand, see it and know what it is capable of doing. My hand is easy for me to understand, but the ego is in inside of me and I don’t know what it is capable of doing.

It certainly makes me suffer a lot, but not in vain I hope.
Maybe you know it like you know how to walk, you don’t even think about it.
You just walk, there goes another suffering, that I have to deal with.
I’m in a wheelchair, the ego is cruel and has a sick sense of humor. There will come a day, I hope my next lifetime that they will learn about love and its healing properties.

I experienced love’s healings when I was younger, but I had fresh faith then, my faith has become a bitter fruit. When love is two faced and becomes like a rabid dog the next minute, after it displays love with a smiling face. That’s another story, it could be one sided hearsay that could take this story on another tangent where I could get lost, and I would like to stick with the ego.

Ego is displayed as an enemy in movies and the social media, but I see it as a fulcrum where you balance between confusion and understanding, demons and angels, and the bad and the good.
It’s a battlefield according to Freud, which I see his point and understand it, but it bores me and the end result is I’m more confused then when I started.

I’ll stick my understanding of it, I’m not confused with my understanding of it.
It’s the balancing point of scales, where you weigh between good and evil, and you/ego pick the fruit that grows from it. If it is bitter fruit then you become bitter in your attitude, if it is sweet fruit than you become more loving.
I just had an epiphany of my past situation, the tangent I discussed earlier, I don’t know what a person is going through and I shouldn’t judge that person, then I would be more loving, cause that epiphany was a very juicy sweet fruit.
Thoughts are fruits, so beware what you think. Ego is a killer and it’s a blessing at same time, it’s like an off balanced washer machine in the spin cycle, it’s time to rearrange the clothes to be more balanced.
It’s the fulcrum where things are weighed, and the harmony of a well balanced existence, is what I seek.

There are so many theories that delve into the ego, it’s a confusing subject.
I gave my understanding of it, and no matter how simple it is, it’s understandable and not confusing, at least for me. I left off the confusing terms, just covered the basics, it’s selfish of me, but I didn’t want to end up lost and take you with me.

Beware the ego, but trust the ego too… that’s a confusing statement.
I’ll let you figure it out on your own.


NEWS FLASH::: James Foley Beheaded by ISIS…when is it going to stop. ISLAM is not ISIS, and it must be shown for what it is. Religion is designated by what you understand of God, and the angry god of ISIS is not God. This could be a propaganda piece, it doesn’t show the cutting of the head off, just a still of the body with a head on it.

Whatever it is, it’s sick, even the suggestion/thought of it.

It’s an ego that wants to destroy, that will be destroyed. To those who live by the sword will die by the sword, is the way I understand it. It’s the second death that I worry about, if I have to live in this world again, then I don’t want to come back if you never change your way of thinking

The Video was so Sick, it was removed from youtube, at least by me.