Youtube’s Premium Service, is a Lie to the Core of AD FREE advertising


You made your Riches Google by advertising and programming the people to consume on their whim, with little popups in the videos I share, but I should have the option to share other’s videos without ads, cause I don’t know the ethical values of the ads shared.

I pay for the Premium service, and what I share should get the same privilege, as me and my Premium membership. … NO ADS ever… which is a bunch of BS.

I’m going to try searching for Youtube Music Videos and see if they have ads, I’m guessing there too, it’s BS… marketeers are nothing but BSers.

The following video from Michael Saves asking is Youtube Premium worth it… when I first joined, it seemed worth it, but now what I share is littered with ads in their videos… making me want to lose my temper as Jesus did, with the money changers in the temple.
Google is the funder of these marketeers… they made them rich and powerful, and now they deserve to live behind bars.
And go broke like the rest of us… and see how easy it is, when you’re dead in the water of life… corporations hide the crooked/corrupt in their shadows.

I’m too cynical
I know you’re not, but it only shines the light, like a Flash on a camera, so its a fleeting image with incomplete facts… but you get a view of what I see… and my  opinion of it, with what I write.


Now the darkside of Youtube Premium Family Plan… Was $17.99 per month, which will be raised to $22.99 per month…. at sometime this later this month.

I‘m putting in no go on the premium service, before the extortion on the consumers begins.
I’ve been searching Vimeo services, and it looks the most promising, it has no ads… but the music is thin, and not fat with meat, like on youtube.