Windows 10 updates takeover

— Windows 10 updates takeover —



Windows 10 Updates seem to take over your computer. So, that you don’t have control of your computer for at least 2 hours.

It’s supposed to be good for security, but I had more control of my Windows 7 computer. It might be my processor. It’s not a quad core.

It would be nice to get control of monitoring software that was easy, and not complicated. That showed the real time traffic.

This system internals from MS is lame, and it doesn’t give you control.

Software was around in the early days of DOS. Where you can get free utility software. Now, with Windows 10, it seems impossible to get free software, that isn’t loaded with spyware. Where you’re giving them more data than the benefits that you get. So much for the idea of being free. There is always a price… too bad it’s a hidden price.



It’s true that there are so many breaches from Russia,China,Korean, and American hackers. That it seems, there are no good guys in the world anymore.

We all know there is good all around the world, but there is bad too. Good and bad battle each other daily, and the fires melts souls.

Refinery battles make some beautiful gem stones or metalwork, but the pains that accompanies those beautiful artworks is excruciatingly painful.

There is terror throughout the world, but there is a terror inside the souls of humanity. That’s the real terrorist, your own self. You’ve heard “you’re your own worst enemy”, well it’s true if you think about it. Your fears are your own worst enemy. The terrors that be in yourself, are the terrors around the world.

Rather than spread those terrors with radical thoughts, you need to articulate those terrors to bring understanding and overcome them.

We need to overcome them within ourselves, then overcome them in the world.


Windows 10 updates needs to not be such a resource hog.