Propaganda gone Wild

— Propaganda gone Wild —

 I fell for this shite a few weeks ago, or maybe sooner. The sharing madness on the FB makes the mind like mush, that the timelines seem like ball of shares.

I saw this boy saving his sister in the heat of sniper fire, and thought it was real…but to my surprise it was NOT!

I saw this video explaining that it was not real, it was funded by (indirectly) NATO:

Lars Klevberg, a 34-year-old film director based in Oslo, wrote a script after watching news coverage of the conflict in Syria. He says he deliberately presented the film as reality in order to generate a discussion about children in conflict zones.

If he presented that way, then it would not be labeled as propaganda, but being obviously vague and posting it as true, it put it in the propaganda category.

Even though it’s now in the light as a production, the way it was presented initially, as a news story that was false. How many journalistic rules were violated?

This guy received an award for this with the Norwegian Film Institute, this is classic manipulations of the masses for the big egos of the world. I’m sick of being deceived for someone’s ego to get a meal. The atrophy of my bones and joints, there’s not much meat left on it, to feed someone elses ego, at the expense of my own ego, I see it as theft by deception.

If you believed it was true and shared it, as if it were true, then you feel like you’ve been duped.

I guess the clue was the Shaam Network, something was a Sham…

sham To trick; to cheat; to deceive or delude with false pretenses

My senses were quickly unraveled with this sham, I was shaky by the “hero” claim in the video, now I know the sham of Shaam Network… it’s more like the Onion network.

Where they take liberties with your liberties, in other words deceive to relieve liberties from your control to make the liberties in their control. Thank the director, for taking the liberties out of your control, and feeding his ego.

Sheesh, there are so many egos feeding on the weak minded.

Well, tomorrow is another day to seek out what’s true, I’m getting to the point of believing anyone is a farce…friend and foe alike…but not quite there yet.