AI Lyrebird makes Your Own Voice


The Lyrebird is a bird that mimics everything it hears, from construction tools to other birds. Every sound from another source, the Lyrebird mimics it.

Well, the Lyrebird AI company is enabling itself, to do the same thing. I only hope that it proves to be noticeably fake, so no one could take advantage of it for malicious reasons.



I tried to make my voice, but there must be a limit on the bandwidth or visitors, because I was a failure on creating my own voice.

It promises, and doesn’t deliver. It could be a technical problem, on my end, but I used 2 different browsers, and got the same results.

It sounds promising, but the promises aren’t delivered.

I don’t agree with the statement, that  “technology… is not possible to stop it“.

Why not?   Is my response. It needs to be slowed down, if not given brakes in our control, at least. We need ethical police at the design stage, so that its measures  are not abused.

It’s like creating an nuclear weapons and selling it on a street corner for anyone to buy. I would like to buy a rocket launcher.



I don’t agree with that statement from Bruce Cockburn “Some Son of a Bitch would die”, but I agree with rest of the song.

My saying is Technology needs to be slowed down at least. The speed of technological progress is going so fast, and the things that we overlooked is not showing up in our scopes, until it’s too late… remember Y2K.

Technology is the beast warned of in the bible, every industrial beast is foretold of in the bible. From the industrial age, to the technological age, and who knows what’s to come after the technological age?

I hope whatever comes, is somewhat merciful, and allows us to think freely.