Mob Mentality Compared To Trade Unions

Mobs or Unions?

Organized Crime or Trade Unions? I don’t see a difference between the two in today’s world, you pay either protection money or union fees/dues.
What’s the difference?

I’m left with trying to find the difference between the two.

Milton Friedman – On trade unions

This video by Milton Friedman opens the door to my commentary of this subject, and it requires a lot of thinking and work for me… thinking is work, ask any doctor or lawyer.

Criminology and Penology are two studies, that I have to read through, and think about to digest it, and see if I can make a conclusion about them… I see correlations between big govt and mob mentality, but I have to digest it first… and see after thinking about it for a few days.

Already the Penology, is taking the side of big govt, with the Pentagon reference… but that’s at first glance, I need to think about it some more.

Mob Officials and Trade Unions Connections

Racketeering is the rabbit hole of the investigation, of the organized crimes families.

I have a lot to study, and not be guided by the hype… or the wolves trying to takeover the sheep herd, cause wolves are compared to taking over the sheep minded unions, with racketeering practices/farming… rather than bloody takeover, rather deceive them with lies and farm them, so that they’re under their control, and paying their fees and dues… totally legalized wolves wearing sheep’s clothes, working as agents for sheep minded Unions.

What’s wrong with this scenario? I’d have to say a lot is wrong, the wolves make up their meals from the sheep’s bodies/wealth… and abuse them at will with no remorse.

I have this vision of a wolf abusing the sheep herd… I can’t get it out of my head… the wolf is howling when I try and move him out of my mind… I get the howling of wild dogs/wolves.

I feel as the shepherd dog protecting the sheep herd… from wild dogs/wolves… it gets monotonous, and is stressfully productive to keep the herd safe from the wolves/wild dogs.

Michael Franzese on the mob, using Unions to Extort Protection dues/fees

Sounds feasible, they’re only concerned with what they want, and all the others, that don’t belong to the Union is up in the air.
They get paid for their share, which is more expensive than the Mob’s contractors… so they get paid from the Unions, and a form of extortions from their less expensive contractors, everybody seems to be happy.
It’s like living with thieves and pickpockets, you don’t feel safe leaving anything out that’s valuable, cause it might be taken/stolen by your housemates.

The mob killed my Godfather, for robbing them, he(Godfather) hijacked a movie truck with expensive editing equipment in it. Such are the thieves, they steal from each other, in hopes of never getting caught.
I’m guessing they were Union workers, or the Mob workers… I’m leaning more towards the Mob workers.

Union Workers

I‘ve learned about the corruptions of the Unions and the Mob connections with the Unions… it’s a dirty subject, one that I don’t truly understand, but I learned more about it, then I did before this post.

I’ve seen the Teamster’s President Jimmy Hoffa’s disappearance, and Nixon’s involvement with clearing his name, then his disappearance from a Detroit cafe July 30th, 1975… the year of my graduation from high school, and the date of my car accident… who would’ve thought it.

He disappeared when I was in high school, so I was busy with trying to figure out my life, and not where he was buried.

I’ve learned enough about it, I get depressed when I see corruptions leaking out of the societal engines, and act like dirty grease on the engine… it needs to be cleaned up… but I’m just a retired mechanic, and should just relax and enjoy my retirement… but I say NAH… I like being miserable.

Unions seem like microscopic copies, of the political scope of today’s society, they elect presidents, so it’s not reliable. Politicians are professional liars for campaigns, but once their elections are over, their promises go on the backburner of the oblivion stove.

But they got the worker’s rights heard, but they’ve been corrupted by Mob’s mentality and Political ideology, for 65 years, my age now… and I learned it’s been going on since the early 1900’s.
Then the New Deal came along, and the govt took the side of workers, which gave rise to the Union’s power, and opened the door to corruption attacks.
There is a little article about the first unions in the 1700’s by Investopedia, it was a good and enlightening read, revealing facts that I never heard of before.

So, I’m like my Dad, who was a business man, but he was honest, but many businessmen are not ethical, or create a safe work environment, and are greedy to stay in business… and seek profits over what’s right.
I can see Dad’s dilemma, with being a NYC Detective, and becoming a Hardware Store owner in his retirement… and if he was forced by Unions, to make it safe for the employees, then I would voice “not everyone is noble like you”.

Which would spark another view argument… one that would annoy my Dad’s view, but it would change my Dad’s view, eventually. He honored my views, however narrow my view was… but he would take the truth out of my views, and he would think about them.

Well, I’m in the dilemma that my Dad was in, I see the good in the Unions voicing the worker’s rights, but when the mob came in, I can see of how it effected him, and when the big govt came in and also fed the corruptions of the Union. So I find a lot of problems with the Unions, cause not everyone is fair, like me and my Dad.

I see every profit driven businessman, as a greedy puppet of the corporations, which create multiple subcorporations hiding the main corporations with different names.
Do you know how many subcorporations are owned by Coca Cola, or other big brand names?
Is one example, and there is a host of other corporations that mask their activity in other countries, by creating another brand name.

So, I’m left sitting on the fence trying to decide on Unions, or not union workers… I want to treat a worker fair, so I barter on the price, and everyone comes out happier, that they what they were, before the bid was agreed upon.

I like the Unions, only for the worker’s rights getting heard, but the non union workers are cheaper, but they should get a living wage at least too, cause there will be bills to pay.

So, I’m for the Unions, cause they speak for the workers, but I want to be fair to the workers who can’t afford the dues of the Unions, and pay them an agreed on price for the jobs, that I require… So I’m neither anti union or pro union… cause I see constant weighing out of the corruptions, involved.

The way of the world is a constant struggle, and we’re here to find the easy way through the hard times, and create roads, that take advantage of the easy routes through the land of life… we’ll call it Earth… but I guess there is more to learn, the Milky Way is a larger conglomeration of solar systems to explore… not just Earth’s solar system.

Well, that’s my take on the purposes of Unions and Non Union workers, so hopefully you got something out of it… or maybe not…

You can decide, if you want to pay a lot of money you can go with Union workers, or barter for the price, where you are both satisfied with the agreed upon price/bid, then you can go with that too… they need to be insured, for those of you who are picky about the job.
I only want it done, so I’m not fussy, but I’m not married either.

I need to address the PRO Act too, I tend not to trust it, since the birth of it is the pandemic time, when people were ordered to stay in their houses. Where they only saw, just saw fear bubble’s walls they were encased in… they subtly slipped it in, to make a decision.

A tactic they used to pass Obama Care… we didn’t get a chance to read it, just pass it Obama Care has a lot of unknown problems, that were written in lawyer talk, which is an art in itself… lets see how ambiguous we can make it, so we’ll be dead and buried by the time they figure it out.

Obama Care helped a couple of my friends out, but they’re under their umbrella now… there is a fee for the govt’s umbrella… like a tax.


I came across this after writing this, it would’ve been better to start with this


“The only effective answer to organized greed, is organized labor.”

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.
Henry Ford


My last words on this rabbit hole of topic about Labor Union’s dues, and the correlations to Mob’s Protection money fees, both want money in the form of protection from corruption and unfairness… sorry I see both good sides to both sides, it requires both insurance from the cheap labor of the Mob’s side, and the form of credibility of the Union’s side, they collect their dues/protection money too.

It’s another political party plant, which was planted by the political party’s corruption… and you have to vote in leaders there too, and you hope the leaders you choose, will not dip into your dues savings, and donate it to campaigns … if you knew what was going on behind the scenes… you might be against, what they wanted to contribute to.

The best way I can sum it up is a parable about veins and arteries, the state is our veins system, and the cheap labor of the mob is of the arterial system.

“Arteries and veins are two of the body’s main types of blood vessels. Arteries are blood vessels that carry oxygen-rich blood away from the heart to the body. Veins are blood vessels that carry blood that is low in oxygen from the body back to the heart for reoxygenation.”

Oxygen is the money system, and there is collections on both sides… from the arteries and veins… one side is poor and one side is rich… it’s like taxes which are our protection money fees, and on the arterial(rich) side, you have organized crime stealing your health with robbing your oxygen, from your interconnected organs.

It’s all one body, and these are the organizations you let into your body… this is just a parable, which opens doors, that were locked before in your mind… which leads to other rooms, where they’re furnished with other understandings… which I’m ignorant of…

It’s like Pandora’s Box, all kinds of evils are propagated from it. Some are invasive weeds, and some are the way to go, but you must decide on the way to go… just a reminder sign… “paranoia ahead, be careful”.


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