Memorial Day

Landmark 215Memorial Day

Remember the dead and kill some more, I’m disgusted by this day.
Not because of the dead, they are free from this madness, and we’re willing to kill more for profit and power.
This practice seems acceptable, when you don’t get mad, and keep making the same mistakes over and over again.

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”
— Albert Einstein

Enslaving the population into debt, for the sake of consumption, which is running rampant as the lifeline of capitalism.
I’m not a true capitalist, I see the logic of it, but not the extremism of it.
I’m not a communist either, I see the importance of it, but not the extremism of it.
Whenever there is extremes, you are out of balance, and I’m die hard libra with a twist. When things go out of balance, I seek to counterstrike, thus being the the twist.

We would better remember them with peace, instead of war, but we find it in our hearts to create another war, and this holiday fuels the wars, and the extremisms.
We’d better honor them, so they didn’t die in vain, their death is better remembered, so that no man will die again.

You create another war, so that you need another remembrance, to say it’s wrong.
I’m beginning to see the human race for what it is, smart people and total retards, and the balancing between the two is the wars for profit that the smart people controls, and they’re taking advantage of the mentally challenged, who are too blind to see that they’re controlled with their pride.
Let’s make another prideful holiday, the smart people say, and lets sell a lot of beer and alcohol to keep the masses dumb and complacent.

I don’t seem bitter, do I?
I always honored the dead without beer as my motivation, but seeking peace and resolution to what killed them in the first place.
I’m at war with your minds, I lost the battle and I won the battle, but the war’s not over yet.
I shoot at ideas and principles, not flesh and blood, I’m the supposed “peaceful warrior”, and I won’t give up the fight.
Revealing falsehoods, outright lies, and flattery, that will lead you further into darkness.

This is honoring the dead, not drinking another beer, it only feeds the ideology of consumerism.
I’m not totally against drinking, prohibition didn’t work, and marijuana criminalization isn’t working either, this would be honoring the dead, freeing the knowledge from fear.
They fought for freedom and died too, but we continue to live in fear from every race that seems strange to us.
Remember the dead with honor, so that no one has to die again with pride as the motivating force, because pride is blind and is full of repetition with a call as a marching rhythm, instead of a reasoning rationale.
There is no honor in that, so fly your flags, if you believe that brings honor, but honor them with the truth, cause in my eyes, it died with them, and needs to be recognized too. That is the true honor.