Crisis of Civilization

man-335401_150Crisis of Civilization

I found this outlook of The Crisis of Civilization intriguing. I’m about 10 minutes into it…so I’ll watch it all, and see if I hate the message, which is the case of 50% of all Youtube videos

Well I’m over half way through the documentary, and it is somewhat comical, that dry humor of the UK. He was right on in his views of CO2 hoax, the scam effect of the buying CO2 credits. Plants need CO2 to survive, the talk of CO2 heating up the world is one thing I seek truth about, not the hype on my emotions.

Well, I managed to make it through to the end of the documentary, and I pretty much agreed with the outlook of things.

I found it entertaining, even though of the subject matter, he expressed it, with the editing of the videos in the light hearted comedic fashion. I managed to stay interested, though the subject was a heavy hearted matter.

I would recommend this to everyone wanting to know of the global warming hype, it brings it into a rational frame of mind, rather than an activist frame of mind. It raises suspicions of simple things, the mountain out of a mole hill, if you know what I mean.  The interconnection of all the catastrophes that face the world, cause it’s a fact, that they are all connected, and we need to recognize that if we are ever to understand.

The true enlightenment is understanding, this brought more questions, than understanding, but if you have the answers to the questions that this documentary raised, then you will be far more better off than the average man/woman.

Everyone is different some want to know, and some are pleased with their ignorance, to each his own.  It reminded me of the Voltaire’s story with the Good Brahmin. The story of the Good Brahmin in the text form for those who like to read.
The gist of the story some ignorance is desired, and some like their hunger for knowledge, which is right?

Knowledge brings suffering, ignorance is bliss… I think the bible says he who increases knowledge increases suffering.
Is it right for the old woman to be content and happy beyond belief, while the Brahmin is miserable?
This documentary is like that story, it doesn’t solve the dilemma, but it brings it to forefront of your mind, though some of you choose not to see it, to protect your contentment. That is your choice, but I prefer to be informed… and I want to share it with the like minded, all you Brahmin people.