Look Up


iphone-313845_150The thought of turning off the smartphone to talk to someone, seems so real and alive.

Get out and live life the real way, the digital world is an illusion where we live our fantasies in a virtual reality, instead of real reality.

It’s a world of madness and loneliness when you don’t live freely, and socially. Being a hermit, is reaching into your madness, and socializing with yourself, it may be comfortable and easy to get along with yourself, but to others it may seem eccentric.

The way you view your world with the solitude of a hermit, all you socialize with is a smartphone, not flesh and blood. It’s like wearing a virtual reality screen on your head, and I would consider it as a sad existence, I need to get outside and cut the grass, but I’ve spent a several hours in front of this laptop to finish this article/post.

I had to seek out the free pics without royalties, public domain… and a few plugins for wordpress and the time flies by as I sit in front of the screen, which is everyday, I need a vacation.

Watch this poem, it speaks the truth… look up!

This is the video from the Forbes Article, it some look at the importance of the Smartphone, which drains our intelligence, it makes us zombie like staring at the screen, while we feed the data banks of the AI brain.

We need to live first and foremost, you don’t need to take pictures with the phone, you need to take pictures with your mind and memories.

A picture is worth a thousand words, the memories from those pictures you take with your eyes, is more beneficial to you than any picture you take with your phone.