I Broke Down

I Bought an Used

MPC Live2

From Sweetwater Exchange on used equipment, which is Guitar Center feature, that Sweetwater adopted on their site. I bought things on the Guitar Center site, or one thing that was used… and I can’t remember what that was, but it seemed kosher, and without problems.

This is a playlist from AKAI MPC Live 2, and what it can do… I need to watch it, to review the workflow, it’s different from the linear workflow of a DAW,  it’s virtual with your mind’s melding… in a sort of virtual sandbox, so you don’t lose interest in it, and it doesn’t infect your mind.

You need to see #10 Video of the playlist, to get the ideas, and and linking to the linear mindset to become more understandable, for me at least.

Here’s another highlight for the linear mindset #20 Video, and the different sections of the song… and where to setup the different sections of the songs… verse, chorus, intros, bridges, etc. … and you can arrange them in a linear format.

Another highlight of this playlist is #24 Video, it’s patching in a microphone and using a keyboard for the talkbox effect, it tells you how to do it… it’s more or less a vocoder mode with the keyboard.

Using the notes mode in #27 Video is a short cut for the non musician it sequences chords and key scales that you can assign to the pads, one I think I’ll use… I was a musician player at one time in my life, but over the years I’ve degraded into vegetable mode with my playing and timing… and need technical help.
Like math haters need a calculator to solve complex numbers equations… we all need tech at times, as a helper, not as life support… I’d rather be dead.

Well, that’s my take on it, it hasn’t shipped yet, so I don’t know if it’s a good choice, though I ordered it at  Monday night just before midnight, so it was on Tuesday according to the business records… and all that was made was a Fedex label, they never, I think I saw 2 days before shipping in Sweetwater’s exchange rules. It’s a networking nightmare when you have to network with different companies, cause the info gets lost or misplaced in the exchanges between nodes/companies.

If it isn’t changed by tonight, I’m going to call Sweetwater or contact the seller, he’s from Woodstock, NY, in my backyard of my past. I just sent a message to the seller through Sweetwater, and asked him why my product wasn’t shipped out yet.

The more I learn about the MPC and all of their features, it’s different than the DAW software features linear features, but opens the doors to more design futures and development.
I see potential in improvement of production… it requires an open minds, on both sides of the production process… eventually, it will all work out.