TNT does that mean Dynamite?

— TNT does that mean Dynamite? —


The TNT is not Dynamite, the Academy is Traditional and Non-Traditional education, I couldn’t find the reason, so I’m only guessing on the name of the TNT Academy. The principal of the TNT Academy, said it was a mistake what happened to forgiveness, but we like blowing things out of proportions, especially since the Freddie Gray debacle death in Baltimore is fresh in our minds.



I think the racist agenda of the media only sparks our differences, which further incites our differences, we stir up an already boiling pot of mess, then why turn up the flame, which will make it stick to the bottom of the pot.

We all cook with different pots, some on us can’t afford the non stick pots.

We all have our differences, and we can’t change that, but we all have our loves too…and we can all agree that we need to respect the laws, no matter what they are, we live in a free society.

We are not a democracy, cause they live to oppress and take away our rights, and we are not a republic either, cause they live to oppress our rights with laws and regulations. I’m 100% for the Bill of Rights in the Constitution, all the other amendments that were added after, they are the liberty stealers designed and worded by lawyers, cause sometime in the 1800’s, we lost our freedoms.

The republic died and became a democracy, and the nation became blind in their pride, the rest of history is chaos in the making with wars and the elite capitalizing on the differences that started the wars.

It seems the US founding fathers became mad, and judged the people who they freed. Which isn’t hard to do, I made some judgments in my life too, which I eventually caught, and made my amends. The ego is a tricky subject to control, which has a mind or force of it’s own.

We ride our egos like horses, we need to keep them in check with the reins or they take off for home. Which my friend’s horse I was riding, did to me, and when we returned home, and I got off the horse and the horse was in a sweat. I couldn’t stop him, I was pulling on the reins, and going “Whoa” it seemed to incite him to go faster more. I was a city kid, I only road horses when we went to camps. This horse was in a dead sprint for home, cause in my guess I would be off his/her back when we arrived.

We need to stop riding our egos, as if it were a dead horse… or we’ll kill ourselves.

To incite the crowds with racial remarks that get taken out of context, it brings more anger than that there was before the remark.

I had a Black fellow patient named Sly, in the hospital that tried to incite the racial tensions, but he was a cool guy, I told him I’m not biting the bait, and he respected me for it. I treated him as equal, cause I was in the same boat as him, and I respected his space, and he respected my space.

Well, Sly is dead now from some trouble in the Bronx, along with my Puerto Rican friend named Ray, that died from some complications with his liver, but when the 3 of us were in the hospital we were the best of friends. We didn’t let the differences between us, make us hate each other. When you’re in the chair, which is a prison in itself, the times you spend in solitary/hospital are long and unsure… well all of life is like a prison too, whether you’re disabled or not, we are oppressed by our sins, which are the wardens and the guards that run our prisons.

Well, that’s my lame ass interpretations of the subject. We need to stop riding our egos so hard, or they will die from the exertions, or die from a heart attack.

Black, brown, white, red, and yellow, it doesn’t matter what our skin color is, all of our blood’s colors is red.

We are the same at the core of our existence, we are all different spiritually, but makeup the same spirit, celebrate our differences, rather than judge and condemn.

The news is a blessing, but the today’s tabloid news which exploits debating opinions, as if they were facts, instead of the boiling pots of discussion that incites the subjects with conjectures and opinions, I would line them up against a wall and silence them with a shot with the remote…and change the channel, and leave them with their own shit.

News is news, but they rape the news with their editorial opinions, and spin it into another area altogether … once they shit into your mind, it stinks for hours. You can’t get away from the smell…it lingers in your thoughts for days it seems.

I believe in free press, but not the bad press of today, which borderlines propaganda which has been practiced before.