Loud Cloud Computing

What?— Loud Cloud Computing


Cloud Computing: The brain neural networks of the AI of Earth. I suspect that it’s the making of AI with all the tables,databases,logarithms,etc. to make up the consciousness of the AI, but putting an ethical conscience to that consciousness is a work in progress, to say the least about it.

I see the dangers being trying to develop a sustainable model not based on greed like capitalism, the idea sounds logical, but it lets in corruption and host of other bad characters. So capitalism, is not a good model to follow…it sounds good, but it’s detrimental to humanity, it feeds the wars that kill, and they still turn a profit by funding both sides of the wars, so whoever wins they make a profit.

Lets get back to cloud computing, from what I understand of it, it’s another elite internet in the “clouds”, being setup to be in the hands of the elite, and for a price you get a piece of it. Which is the way the Internet started, and that brought the parasites looking to capitalize on it, with pornography, the money that supplied with the early developments of the internet, I’m talking the dark side of the internet. Spammers, scammers, viruses, trojans, worms, etc., but they serve a purpose too, they make you appreciate the normal side of the internet.

I don’t want to bad mouth the cloud, the idea is promising, but with the way humankind is, I see it as a corruptible force, looking to centralize the world with all the data in their databanks, that we don’t see, and their number crunching machines that we don’t see is in control of a small elite at the top of that chain of command.

I sound like a schizo don’t I, but I felt like this before? When I said that there were knowledgeable people spying on the traffic, before the endless numbers security suites businesses were popping up, so I know I’m not wrong with this observation. I see the cloud as something beneficial to all, or beneficial to those small group of elite.

If mankind was a different animal, than it is now, then I would see it as promising, but the devil is full of empty  promises, and I see it that way now.

So I know what’s down the road, we don’t see the burdens before its too late, the burdens of debt and accountability. They will attack us like a wild animal, we know how accountability was destroyed by email, someone writes a script, so that they don’t have to deal with anything, and the anonymous nature of the internet is the devil in disguise. That’s my guess.

I’ll include the videos on youtube that I found


This one gave me the willies when it was creating a bubble talking about the scalability aspect of cloud computing.
 This one is talking about the 3 ways the cloud operates, Saas, Paas, and Iaas.
 This talks about how it will save you money, without buying the software and hardware, but I see it as limited and in the control of someone else on a centralized system. Which is in danger of censorship, with no accountability, when it’s in house, you have control.


This is a video that talks of the prehistory of computing and the modern era of computing, it’s one of the drawing animations out there on youtube.
 This is the worst form of drawing animations, but it’s presented well, it covers all the bases.It basically covers all the knowledge I presented in all the videos, but I learned from it.

There is a host of Iaas hosting services with their own software services where they develop the applications, and platform services where you develop the applications, however limited as it is.

I don’t understand the cloud, but its a new money machine in the making. It includes Amazon Web Services, Micrsoft Azure, Oracle, Google, and a bunch more, I won’t go through the names.

But here is their advertisements:


I suspect this is the steps to the “singularity” that every tech person is talking about, where we create machines that overtake our intelligence and make us obsolete/extinct, well some of us, there will be the elite in control. I’m painting a gloomy picture, but there is a bright side too, if you see the horizon.

You who are controlled by you base temptations with Alcohol, Smoking, Profit, etc., you don’t see the future, and are resentful. I’m resentful, so I don’t see the future…but I’m aware of it.

The cloud is as a big brain for the AI of the world, its a centralized thought process of society, which makes it capable of abuse. I’m a cynic, so I rain on everyone’s parade, Sorry about that!

But think about that you have recall for everything that goes on in the world at your whim, from economics,trade,buying and selling, it’s like the beast prophecy from 2000 years ago, is the singularity the beast or something that the beast uses?

I’m not some nut, I understand a self fulfilling prophecy, and religion made that prophecy, that mankind has distorted it to mean whatever they want it to mean, no matter how off the mark that it is.

Is the Cloud, the Skynet of the Terminator movies and not the British satellite system, will it be our destruction or will it be our salvation?

I hope the future generations will not curse us, for leaving them with this mess. I hope they have the ethics that will stop the speed of exponential growth in the technical field, when they need it…hopefully when they are to hit the bottom, they develop wings or a parachute to land safely.

I think too much… and don’t act enough, but these are my thoughts.