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UPDATE2: Don’t buy Webroot from my suggestions, I had a series of changes by my computer that I didn’t authorize. It changed my internet settings, and I didn’t remember doing it.
I’m an idiot, I also loaded a bunch of new extensions for Firefox, and maybe they changed my settings in Firefox the last 24 hours.

I need to investigate the cloud, from what I found on the cloud…it can be more beautiful or more dangerous than ever before, but so is life itself.

Update:  It seems Webroot security saved me from being redirected at login, and I found out “page=cpd_metaboxes” means it’s the counter per day. I’m pleased with it, but I still don’t understand the cloud thing, I’ll look further into it today.


I experienced a lock up from youtube after I loaded Webroot, when I loaded it and when I load a youtube video it locks up temporarily about 5-10 seconds, before it plays. It might be sploggers and spammers masking their IPs with their junk emailers, I don’t know if they can even do that, that I blocked the youtube servers, cause I thought it was sploggers or spam sites.

You want an easy target, then I’m it, cause I’ll take you down so that no one else be scammed or spammed by you, and I’ll be happy.

These monkeys on your back is like an addicting habit, if they didn’t live by being sneaky and sowing discord at every turn. There are good spammers that need a job, but they’re the victims too.

Webroot said I was visiting a phishing site, I was going to the page of my own blog on allayer.net…I have 2 security sites that I paid for, and they claim to protect me from spammers and scammers, maybe I’m too paranoid, but I was complacent when I first started this website, and I realized I had a bunch of sploggers riding on my back, because I was ignorant of them, I don’t know what they did.

All I know is Webroot is cloud based, I don’t know what that means…you live in virtuality hiding in the shadows protecting me from shadows that contain spammers and viruses…if I compare the internet to the blood system of the human body, and the spammers are the clogs in the arteries and veins, what do I compare the security systems to?

Are they the pills used to clear the veins and arteries? They don’t heal, they’re meant to take eternally. I want something to heal the plague of spammers and scammers.

There is a way to block them, but they find ways around the blocks, I think an aggressive block where you tackle them, so they know that when they attack you, they will be attacked, as a deterrent.

That’s the way of the terrorists and war machines, there must be a way to make people do the right thing without forcing them to do it. That’s tyranny, and we are supposed to spread freedom, and not democracies that are bought and sold like all fascist systems of govt. Where corporations own the govt, or govts are incorporated, either way they are indistinguishable from each other.

Ooops I’m going off on a tangent, or maybe more into focus the problems with the world.