Lost in Imaginations

— Lost in Imaginations : The Road to Heaven or Hell —




The imaginations of the human mind are capable of being a big deceiver, or a great revealer of the truth. Imaginations reveal the truth, if they are proven. They’re the inspirations to fuel the research machine of mankind.


If you are found lost, then heaven is in your future. If you’re proud and seek the truth, but refuse to see it, then you’re on the road to hell. You can be on the road to hell, and then be found, and quickly change the road you’re on towards heaven.


Imaginations inspire ideas towards the truth, closer to heaven, or to lies, closer to hell.

We have to look at the imagination of the child. It is pure and fresh, not stained by disappointment or doubt.

Imaginations by some religions they are demons that are tempting us, but they enhance your understandings in another way, that you see as a revelation and a blessing.

It depends on your perspectives of imaginations, whether it’s the positives or the negatives, it determines whether they’re blessings or a curses.


The many languages make it difficult to communicate with each other. In Genesis, God talked about mankind speaking one language, and making it easy for what we imagined, we will achieve.

When we were building the Tower of Babel towards heaven, we spoke one language, and God made many languages, that we would have to learn and speak. We speak in foreign tongues, and no one understand us. If we are in another land, that the native tongue is different from the language we speak.

The Internet is a medium that we communicate with the different tongues/languages globally, to achieve a common goal that we all want. I don’t know if it’s right or wrong. I’m just a floating twig on the flows of society.


I see society as a big river flowing towards the oceans of the universe, and feeding that water with the earth’s riverly flows. Though we feed the universe’s salty waters with our fresh earthly waters, we pollute it with our sins mainly of greed, power hungry, vices, and every bad influence that we infect ourselves with, it contaminates the purity of the salty universe.

I’m just going with my imagination here, I might be polluting the picture with my imagination, but I’m only putting my heart on the table. You might see it as a sweet candy, or the vomit filled trash receptacle , but that’s my imagination of the world that we live in.

“Go with the Flow”... was the advice of an Eskimo friend gave me when I went to college, it has lasted in my memories, so it must be God’s advice too.

Though my mind’s interpretation, might make it distorted. That’s the danger of distorting the message, “Go with the Flow” might take you over Niagara Falls, which would probably kill you.

Spiritually, it will probably reward you, but physically it will probably if you don’t die, it will most likely maim you.

Well, that’s the end of my imagination sharing, at least for this post.