Illusory Dreams

— Illusory Dreams —


ilusoryI wake from illusory dreams to reality everyday, as we all do. It’s where we gain our strength, and get a respite from reality’s burdens.

We seek a solemn peace, that is like a spider’s web from delusions to illusions. We are stuck in fantasies.

I’m a long winded fool, making long sentences that confuse even me, and I get lost in my thoughts. I need to recollect my thoughts to figure where I’ve been, and go from there. It’s like trying to follow a teleporter, like nightcrawler in the X2 movie. He is all over the place.

The same with my thoughts, they’re all over the place too. When I’m just waking up, watch out.

I’m going from one dream to another, and then back again to the previous dream. The longer I lay down dreaming, the harder it is to get up out of bed. If I had a purpose, besides this senseless living in loneliness, then it would make sense.


It seems this season is like a sticky web, it requires your stupidness to live, and believing in Santa. Lying to yourself and your children, to prolong the lie’s existence in this world. It’s more or less, serving Lucifer the devil, since he controls all the riches and power on the surface of this planet.



He’s not the depictions of your mind with red skin and a pointy tail. They’re the regular men and women, with the sick and dark thoughts.

The dark thoughts are what’s the devil incarnate in yourself, and everyone else.

When Jesus said “get behind me Satan…”, he was talking of the mindset in human minds. The devil lives in everyone’s mind, but the heart is God’s and yours alone. The mindset is at war with the hearts, it was Job’s role to conquer the devil in the minds eye.

The mind is quickly vying for your heart, with dramas,deceptions,tests, and trials. The battles we face between the mind and the heart, determine our future. God lives in our minds too, or it would be disconnected from the heart.

God’s furrowed your heart, to take seeds, and rest assured the harvests from the seeds you plant will determine what you eat.

I don’t want to get into religion, cause I have different views of religions. I’m not against anyone of them, but it’s easy to be misled by them, when you take it literally, cause you’re letting in your imaginations too. Which is the great deceiver.

The dual nature of mankind, puts him/her at war to those that want to follow God, and this illusory dreams season was created by the devil in your thoughts. It villianizes the rejections of Santa, and makes it hard to rectify the truth, cause Santa’s not the truth. He was created to serve the corporation’s profits. The story of Santa is good, and has a lot of hope in it, but let only the imaginations of the children deceive, or tell the truth about it.

Without going into a long boring spiel about marketing and the like, I would like to get back to the subject of illusory dreams. They are the foundation of life and are ever changing, like the liquid of an ocean. It contains life itself, like land is capable of supporting life too, but only landlocked life. Water is the basis of life, we need water in our everyday lives, or we would die and dry up.

If we look at all land life, you see different creatures some like dry life, and some like moist life. I like the all life, but I lean toward the moist life, that thrives in the rain.


The truth is like the water, it’s the water of life, and lies is the contaminated water.

Polluted water is full of contaminates, whether sweet or sour, it’s not pure water. Alkalizing water is healthy, but it’s filled with contaminates too. Minerals are toxic or healthy, we need them, but too much of anything is toxic.

Even the pure water would drown you, if you get too much in your lungs.

It’s like abstract art, there are paints, but how you arrange them on the canvas determines abstractism from realism. Whether it’s nature, displayed as blocks in a Picasso’s abstract art painting, or Norman Rockwell’s realism painting, it’s nature just the same. Abstract art is the mind’s perceptions some get it, but some don’t get it, but realism is hard not to get. It’s like a photograph, where the mind’s imaginations/perceptions is null, it doesn’t require interpretations.



I agreed with him until the last sentence, “meld minds together”.

If that’s the purpose of life, then what would be the purpose of technology, to weld one big clump to what?

“Meld minds together”, like the Borgs assimilating into the collective on Star Trek’s The Next Generation, where “resistance is futile”.

I would like to be a free individual, melding minds together seems a bit collective crazy for me. Cloning thoughts to be the same, I would rather not push anyone on the path that I’m on, cause I don’t know the path that I’m on. What if there is a ditch, or a big sinkhole that is covering the path? I wouldn’t want to push anyone into it.

Well I started with this illusory dreams theme, and I’ve gotten lost a few times with my words becoming the tour guides on this journey through illusions/delusions. Well, I’ve reached the end… hopefully you didn’t get lost with me.