Looking at how much I don’t know

— Looking at how much I don’t know about the WWW—

I’m an idiot by some standards and a genius by other standards, but I’m ignorant by choice by my standards. If I don’t know what you’re doing to me, I’ll be merciful, but yesterday I had some users(sploggers) that I didn’t know I had, they hid in the background or shadows, they’re in the business of deceptions and marketing.

I don’t know if they meant me any harm or were just studying me for their strategies, but it was revealed to me yesterday that they were there by WangGuard.

It seems there were other changes to my wordpress files, I woke up to tell me I/they disabled my Cloud-Flare account so that no one on the cloud could access my account, luckily I had to log in to the account. My data retention of my memory banks is a total space cadet, but maybe I don’t need to remember.

I don’t quite understand the whole cloud thing, it’s like a whole new entity that inhabits the internet, it’s like an internet within the internet, or something like that, the way I could compare it to RAM on the PC or Mac, but not quite as volatile or more volatile. I need to take a class on it.

The days the clouds start spurting lightning, cause I see groups of clouds… I’m just spouting off in a rant.

I’m at the crossroads of my life, do I go right or left, east or west, or north or south. I already chose the west when I moved out here, but I figure I’m at a loss of options what to do now. I’m getting old and lost the vigor of my youth both physically and mentally.

It’s enough rambling on the things I don’t know, but the hackers that are bad, I’m not an ignorant fool for you to play with, all the good hackers you know what I don’t know, enough said.

Wordfence is for notifying, and WangGuard is for finding the Sploggers and getting rid of them… could I get back to writing a good blog and not deal with the con artists of the web spinning their webs to capture, instead of inform of freedom.