Domain quagmire

— Domain Quagmire —


What ever this mess with the private domain registration, it seems impossible to resolve the problem with melbourneIT. The workers are in Australia, and I’m here in the US, and I wrote them numerous times, through email, and the one thing I asked for, they don’t return.


I went through so much headaches over the last year, and I’ve got coming up a renewal and on the 28th of October, I canceled them over about 6 months ago, and tried to transfer them to MontanaSky.

I’ll know if they went through, by the end of the month. This trying transfer domains, is a quagmire to say the least.

This is just me leaving a trail of injustice tied to the MelbourneIT, the system is overly convoluted to say the least, if you read about the domain registrations, every country has a registration office that is designed by the companies involved. Money is involved, so you know there is corruption involved too.

There’s a lot of good people involved too, but look at the world population, the good and the bad of the world. What can fix it? What’s wrong with it?

If they answered my questions, instead of covering their asses, with orders of what I was to do. I did them, months ago, and I never received the confirmation email, where I would click to OK the transfer. Trying to deal with Yahoo hosting provider is another mess that I won’t go into, cause they sold me to MelbourneIT.

I went to ICANN to lodge a complaint and it seemed to be another mess that involved somebody else to this mess that wouldn’t bring resolution, and they gave me a number #PUJ-600-30361. That number was to concerning with MelbourneIT, which never got resolved with the transfer to Siteground, so I made up with Siteground and I have all of my domains forwarded to

I feel like a fish squeezing through the nets that infest these waters, and going on leaving trails of my experiences.

I’m at the end of my human rope trying to figure out this human experience, I’m ready for the next step… I don’t want to rush it, haste makes waste as they say, but I’m anxiously waiting for the spiritual birth, oh that had happened a couple of thousands, if not several thousands of times. I lost count.

You’ve got to make a better system of registration that’s not motivated with money as the fuel source, cause that causes gunk buildup with all the corruptions that need to be cleaned out. It’s my suggestions, at least.

I tried to work with you, and never found resolution unless I bended over to take it up the ass, I call that rape, you call it cooperation. The rapist is pleased with subjective pacifist, as all dictators are, you need to change instead of demanding others to change.

You need to read the EMAIL before you send the email, with nothing I required in the email, to give me the link to OK the transfer.