Words as Weapons or As Tools

Words As Weapons

The words as weapons video, brings to mind the world stage, and everyone has a part, an agenda.

The propaganda of that agenda whether it be the individual or the state, is covertly displayed.
It’s hidden in the mind, or in the secret halls of the state’s back doors, thus making it covert.

I’ve been accused of it too, but everyone who is honest is guilty of it too.
We have evil thoughts that we don’t fulfill, but we thought about it, just because we didn’t do it, it showed we are capable of doing it.
Think of that next time, you have a judgment of someone who did something that you dreamed of doing too, but you didn’t, and then think if their judgments were fair, if it was you.
Then look at the extenuating circumstances, do they excuse you or defend you?

Words hurt, and are weapons. Be Kind!

The truth hurts, you just have to be aware of the truth as it is, it requires you to tell the truth to yourself too. In that, is true freedom.

Word as Weapons or as Tools

Though you think you know, sometimes it’s best to be silent. You can drive yourself mad, questioning yourself, but it will lead someone out of darkness and towards the light, the only thing is for you to follow also out of the darkness.

Don’t take things too seriously, that is the shadows of existence. When you stand in the shadows, you are in darkness, and everything is coming down around you, unless you take the time in the light.
It’s like living up north where the days of darkness is almost unbearable with the depression like feelings, but when the Spring comes, you feel happy, cause it’s almost 24 hours of light. To progress to the 24 hours of darkness again, you have to live up north for a year at least, to know of the difference in light and dark.

I’m getting tired of trying to figure out the search engine optimizations, cause I want light dammit.

My words are many and edited, so that only the relevant are displayed, but that doesn’t please the search engine optimizations, thus being a stick in my wheel. My words are cruel, so I’ll shut up.

To everyone I wish you well, to the SEO people I wish you the best I can, without giving you the field/variable…you have to find it for yourself.

Til next time, all the best to you.